Zepf Center Workers Win Campaign to Form a Union and Join SEIU District 1199

This week, workers at the Zepf Center in Toledo won their campaign to form a Union and join SEIU District 1199. Workplace morale and quality care were important factors in the Union drive. Employees at the Zepf Center provide critical behavioral health care services and serve individuals from across Lucas County.

Zepf Center
After a hard fought campaign to form a Union, over 60 workers in the Zepf Center’s Youth Services Division now have the ability to stand together and bargain a new contract. They join colleagues in the Adult Services Division and with COMPASS who are already members of SEIU District 1199.  

Frank Gibbs, a therapist, says that the workers at the Zepf Center have been “empowered for excellence.”  He continued that with this victory, the employees in his division have new unity that will help them improve workplace morale and quality care for those that they serve.  

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