Workers At Cabell Huntington Hospital Sound Alarm About Corporate Greed

Employees call on hospital executives to bargain in good faith.

HUNTINGTON, WV – Workers at Cabell Huntington Hospital are raising concerns about the dignity, rights and respect of employees after negotiations with hospital executives have exposed corporate greed. Representatives from SEIU District 1199 have scheduled press availability for today at 1:00pm at the Pullman Plaza Hotel located at 1001 3rd Ave, Huntington, WV 25701.

“Three years ago, workers at Cabell Huntington Hospital made extraordinary sacrifices in their wages, healthcare and retirement in the interest of preserving quality care to the people of the community,” said Becky Williams, President of the Service Employees International Union which represents over 800 workers at Cabell Huntington Hospital. “Now that the hospital is making considerable profits, executives are refusing to invest in the healthcare and service providers that care for us in our time of need. This is not fair nor just and it’s plain wrong to take more from those that gave so much already.”

In 2010, workers represented by SEIU District 1199 gave back millions in concessions to help the hospital through challenging financial times, but now that hospital profits are soaring, executives are attempting to make it harder for workers to provide for themselves and their families.

While Cabell Huntington Hospital made a profit topping $33 million in 2012, hospital executives are demanding that part-time employees would no longer receive health insurance provided by their employer, completely eliminate healthcare benefits for retired employees and cut as much as $500 per month from each employees’ retirement fund.

“Cabell Huntington Hospital has been a beacon of good jobs in this community for decades, but denying workers dignity, rights and respect on the job will put that at risk,” continued Williams.

Hospital employees are returning to the bargaining table today in hopes of reaching a fair agreement. If hospital executives refuse to bargain in good faith, workers will vote on giving their bargaining committee authorization to send a 10-day notice or accept the issues on the table at the end of the day tomorrow.


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