Voters concerned about Cleveland’s poverty rate to protest outside of Mayor Frank Jackson’s high-dollar fundraiser in Gates Mills.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Tonight, concerned Cleveland voters will protest in Gates Mills from 5-8PM outside of a high-dollar fundraiser being held by Mayor Jackson at the mansion of republican business leader Umberto Fedeli. Organizers have billed the protest “Frank’s Fat Cat Festival” to express alarm about the influence of special interests in Mayor Jackson’s city hall.   
“It is now clear from the outpouring of neighborhood concerns about poverty, violence, and failing city services, that Mayor Jackson’s campaign in trouble. In a campaign that Mayor Jackson knows will be tough, it is well-funded special interests that are propping up his failed policies. Mayor Jackson claims to represent the people of Cleveland but a mansion in Gates Mills is far removed from the struggles that Cleveland voters face each and every day,” said Anthony Caldwell, Director of Public Affairs for SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH.    
Minimum wage voters who were a part of the $15 minimum wage movement in Cleveland note that after attending meetings at Cleveland City Hall for over a year, they were not approached by Jackson for even a simple handshake. That is why they were dismayed but not surprised to learn that tonight Jackson will shake hands with wealthy mega-donors at the mansion fundraiser in Gates Mills.   
“SEIU District 1199 stands firmly behind Jeff Johnson for mayor because there is no question that he stands on the side of the people of Cleveland. Jeff Johnson knows that for our city to be stronger and more prosperous, we must put our neighborhoods first and put the people of Cleveland over the influence of wealthy special interests,” continued Caldwell. 

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