Vote “YES” on Issue 1 for Fair Districts (OH)

Issue 1 has been endorsed by the members of SEIU District 1199, in addition to the Ohio Democratic Party, the Ohio Republican Party, civic groups, and citizens from across Ohio. Issue 1 is on the May 8th primary ballot. 
vote yes issue 1
New maps will be drawn for congressional elections in 2022. In 2010, redistricting and the process at the Ohio Statehouse divided Ohio’s voters unfairly. When districts are gerrymandered by the political party in control, they are created to give one party an advantage at the expense of fair representation for Ohio’s voters. 

Some districts are drawn so that they become “noncompetitive” and only one political party can win. Areas with high support for a party may also be condensed into a single district to prevent those voters from having a greater voice.

Issue 1 mandates safeguards for the approval of 10-year congressional maps. Most importantly, this process means that 10-year maps require at least some support from both political parties. Without minority party support, only 4-year maps can be drawn and those maps must follow new rules.

Issue 1 is a reform to limit the influence of partisan politics and create districts that are fair. The issue is bi-partisan and has been endorsed by the coalition that first advanced redistricting reform. For additional information, visit the website for Yes on Issue 1 or this voter guide from the Dayton Daily News. 

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