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Cleveland Health Care Workers Demand More PPE (NewsNet5)

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Keeping Ohio Moving Forward

Together, members of SEIU District 1199 are keeping Ohio moving forward. Members with the State of Ohio are heroically working each day to provide critical services and support on behalf of the public. 

Without the brave work of members of this Union, critical agencies, and institutions with the State of Ohio would not be able to carry out and fulfill their vital missions. Whether you are assisting your agency from home or on the front lines, we want the public to know about the important work that you are doing.

We Are Asking Members to Take a Photo to Highlight Your Work:

Take a selfie with a homemade sign and your message of hope or inspiration. Include on the sign the title “Keeping Ohio Moving Forward,” the hashtags listed below, your work details, and your custom message. Then send your selfie by email to media@seiu1199.org.

1. Include the line at the top “Keeping Ohio Moving Forward.” 
2. Use hashtags #SEIUDistrict1199 and #UnionStrong.
3. Please personalize your sign with a message of hope and inspiration. 
4. Add the name of your agency, your location, and your job/role.

The Union would like to make a video with these photos. Without your work, it would not be possible to keep Ohio moving forward during this crisis.

Be sure to send your selfie photo to media@seiu1199.org. Please take good care of yourselves and each other.

In Solidarity,

Joshua Norris – Executive Vice President

SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

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PPE For Healthcare Workers Now

 PPE Now
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Tell Congress – Paid Leave For All Workers

In this current time of crisis, all workers must have access to paid leave so that they can care for themselves and their families. Write to your members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to demand immediate action to ensure the availability of paid leave for all workers. 
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State Chapter Newsletter – March

March NewsletterState of Ohio – Union Chapter News
State Nurses Returning to Work After Arbitrator’s Decision. In a decision released at the end of February 2020, an arbitrator awarded a member with the State of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction her job back after she was improperly dismissed nearly two years ago. The member and Union maintained that the decision was made without just cause. This member was carrying out representational duties when it was claimed that a violation occurred. The co-worker that the member was representing recently returned to work. Both workers will receive full back pay and compensation, which have an estimated combined total of $240,000.

● Educational Development Fund Update. Last July 1st, the Educational Development Fund for members of SEIU District 1199 renewed with an additional balance of $750,000 available for reimbursement. As of February 29th, 31% of the budget and $238,253.30 remains available for reimbursement. This fund was negotiated as a part of the contract and allows reimbursement for approved training and educational expenses. In 2018, members negotiated a substantial increase in funding for the Educational Development Fund as a part of the current contract due to the fact that in previous years the fund had been depleted far in advance of the July 1st renewal date.

● State Member With Ohio Veterans Hospital Successfully Challenges Reprimand. A nurse with the Ohio Veterans Hospital was cited for allegedly not completing required assessments. The nurse worked with her delegate and filed a grievance to protest the unjust discipline. Together, they maintained that the form in question had not been used by anyone at OVH in several years. As a result of the enforcement of the Union Contract and the grievance process, management had to agree that there was no just cause for the discipline. The written reprimand was canceled and removed from the member’s personnel file.

● State Adult Parole Authority Member Files Successful Overtime Grievance. A member was improperly passed over for an opportunity for overtime. The member filed a grievance and proceeded to argue for his contractual rights and benefits. As a result of the grievance discussion, the APA agreed to follow the contract in issuing overtime and to provide the member the next available overtime opportunity.

● Department of Youth Services Member Issued Proper Payment. A member with Ohio Department of Youth Services was not issued proper pay after a hearing they were participating in ran late. The member worked with the Union to file a grievance to preserve their contractual right to compensation for the hours in question. The member successfully argued that contract language was applicable and as a result, full payment was issued for all hours owed.

SEIU District 1199 Member Benefits
Membership with SEIU District 1199 includes membership with three member benefit programs. Those programs include Union Plus, SEIU Member Benefits, and the SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH membership card. Members and eligible family members can now take classes with Eastern Gateway Community College at no-cost online or on campus in Youngstown or Steubenville. In 2019, Union Plus announced a new college program with Central State University in Dayton, Ohio. For details visit: seiu1199.org/mrc/your-benefits-as-a-member

Member Resource Center – State of Ohio Chapter
The Member Resource Center has provided assistance to a substantial number of members with the State of Ohio. Members have stood with their co-workers to win grievances, which relate to workplace health and safety, protection of the public, and fundamental fairness, among other issues. Representatives with the Member Resource Center are standing by to assist members. “Your Member Resource Center Has Your Back!”

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Petition – Support the Nurses of Cabell Huntington Hospital

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Members at Heritage Center Stand Together to Bargain New Contract Agreement

Heritage Center
Members with Heritage Center in Huntington voted last week to unanimously ratify a new contract. No matter where we come from or what our background, we work hard for our families. Members worked together to bargain this contract which will lift wages and strengthen the chapter, representation, and the ability of members to speak out for themselves, their co-workers, and residents.

• Wages. Under new and improved start rates, all workers will be brought up to the new starting wage. Thirty seven members with this facility will be getting a $1 to $1.50 an hour raise in the first year. In addition to the new rates, wages will increase $0.40 in the first year, $0.30 in the second year, and $0.35 in the third year.

• Member Resource Center. The contract includes language related to the Member Resource Center, which will help with providing enhanced representation. 

• Paid Union Orientation. The contract now includes 1 hour of paid union orientation, which will assist member leaders as they keep the chapter strong.

• Labor Management. Language was improved in this area which will further enable members to have a voice with management.

• Holiday Time-Off Requests. Members had some difficulty in this area and contract language has been improved as far as requesting time-off for holidays.

This new three year contract includes no concessions. We are stronger together.

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Solidarity Newsletter – March 2020

Solidarity Newsletter March 2020

Member News and Grievance Victories
ResCare Member in Ohio Granted Retroactive Pay. A member with ResCare in Belmont County believed that their pay was not being calculated properly, as they were missing a wage increase and not receiving “PILOB,” an optional hourly add-on in lieu of benefits. The member contacted the Member Resource Center to file a grievance. Working with the Union, the member’s rate was updated and retroactive pay totaling over $1,500 was issued.

• Ohio Nursing Home Members Secure Breaks. At a recent meeting with management, members with a nursing home in the Youngstown area expressed concern that members of the bargaining unit were not able to take necessary breaks. Having a Union means having a voice and after raising this issue as a group, management agreed to implement new scheduling procedures.

• West Virginia ResCare Member Successfully Challenges Corrective Action Plan. A dedicated member with ResCare in Cabell County was issued a corrective action plan. The member believed that the plan was unfounded and joined together with the Union to file a grievance. As an outcome of the grievance, the corrective action plan was removed from the member’s employment file entirely.

• Cleveland Community School District Member Awarded Job Transfer. A member with CMSD wanted to transfer to a new school but believed the contract was not being followed in regards to transfers. Working together, the Union found that the contract was not being followed in this area. As a result and as mandated by the contract, the member was awarded the transfer.

• Ohio Nursing Home Member Returns to Preceptor Program. A member with a nursing home in Ohio was given a warning and removed from a training program, which was an important opportunity. The member believed the removal was unfounded and worked with the Union to file a grievance. In a successful outcome, the member has returned to the program.

Member Resource Center Update
The Member Resource Center provides assistance each day to a substantial number of members across West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Whether you need a copy of your contract, assistance contacting Union staff, or advice on how to file a grievance, representatives with the Member Resource Center are standing by to assist members each Monday through Friday. “Your Member Resource Center Has Your Back!”

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Tri-C Members Unite to Negotiate Contract With Improved Wages, Benefits, and Terms


Cuyahoga Community College (FT) members recently stood together to negotiate a new contract agreement. Members with Tri-C work every day on behalf of the students of the college and their community. Nearly 70% of bargaining unit members participated in the ratification vote.

The contract includes the following terms:

• Wages. A wage increase for the first year will be retroactive back to January. Members negotiated annual wage increases. Additionally, the contract ensures higher milestone increases and a top of the scale increase. Members of the bargaining unit will all receive a $750 ratification bonus.

• Lactation Rooms. This was a significant issue for members of the bargaining unit and negotiating committee. Under the new contract, lactation rooms must be clean, private, and accessible.

• Compensatory Time. Members will able to choose between taking compensatory time or overtime.

• Representation. There will now be a 30 minute paid union orientation time. Additionally, the new contract includes language that will help provide enhanced representation through the Member Resource Center and other terms that will help member leaders keep the chapter strong.

Members with Tri-C (FT) worked diligently to negotiate this contract, which will make a difference for themselves, their families, and their community. We are stronger together.

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Take Action in Support of Unions For All

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