Statement on Healthy Ohioans Work Campaign

In response to the majority petitioners, namely Jon Allison and Sean McGlone, choosing to withdraw the initiated statute petition for the expansion of Medicaid (commonly known as Healthy Ohioans Work), Service Employees International Union District 1199 President Becky Williams has issued the following statement:

“We are proud of the work that our members and supporters have done to extend healthcare coverage to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans through the temporary expansion of Medicaid. Because of our efforts, working people now have healthcare coverage beginning in 2014 through this keystone provision of the Affordable Care Act.”

“We knew when we began this journey that the current political climate in the Ohio Statehouse would require us to forge unique partnerships. Sean McGlone of the Ohio Hospital Association and Jon Allison of Carpenter Lipps & Leland have decided to withdraw the initiated statute petition, a strategy that we do not support and find deeply disappointing.”

“We, too, are hopeful that the Ohio Supreme Court will confirm that the Controlling Board’s action was lawful and proper, but would not have left healthcare access for 275,000 Ohioans up to chance. Withdrawing the initiated statute petition before the Ohio Supreme Court makes a ruling is a dangerous gamble.”

“The actions of the Ohio Controlling Board and Department of Medicaid were good first steps toward Medicaid Expansion, however, withdrawing at this time not only places the incomplete solution of temporary expansion at risk pending a ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court but now also takes away the ability for voters to take this issue to the ballot in 2014.”

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