State of Ohio Employee Development Fund (EDF) Balance Update (1/5/19)

SEIU District 1199 recently received an update from the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services on the Employee Development Fund (EDF) balance. 

We have been provided with the following update:

As of 12/22/18, claims totaling $383,810.90 have been processed.
As of 1/5/19, claims totaling $21,635.72 have been approved.
As of 1/5/19, claims totaling $194,952.02 have been submitted.
Processed, approved, and submitted claims, total $599,398.64.

The budget for the Employee Development Fund is $750,000. The amount of the budget remaining after accounting for pending, approved, and submitted claims, is $150,601.36, which is 20% of the total. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center.  

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