State of Ohio Employee Development Fund (EDF) Balance Update (6/12/19)

SEIU District 1199 will continue to forward updates from the Ohio Department of Administrative Services on the Employee Development Fund balance. We now have an update that is current through 6/12/19.

We have been provided with the following update:

• As of 5/25/19, claims totaling $694,712.73 have been processed.
• As of 6/12/19, claims totaling $13,859.84 have been approved.
• As of 6/12/19, claims totaling $4,107 have been submitted.
• Processed, approved, and submitted claims, total $716,070.80

The budget for the Employee Development Fund is $750,000. The amount of the budget remaining after accounting for pending, approved, and submitted claims, is $33,929.20, which is 5% of the total.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center.

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