State Chapter – Mediation Dates for 2020

State of Ohio Chapter Delegates,

At the end of this email you will find the 2020 SEIU District 1199 grievance mediation dates. As a reminder, or if you’re a new delegate, here’s how the mediation notification process currently works. Approximately five weeks prior to each mediation date, the MRC pulls a list of all mediation-eligible grievances and creates a draft mediation docket. At that time, all grievants and delegates with grievances on the docket receive an email notification of the upcoming mediation date and an explanation of what to expect and how to prepare for the mediation. The email includes a request that both the grievant and delegate reply to their MRC Representative as to whether they are able to attend the mediation.

Approximately four weeks prior to the mediation date, we remove from the docket anyone who has told us they cannot attend, and we send the docket to the Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB). For those of you unfamiliar, OCB is under DAS, and its staff oversee all the interactions between state agencies and unions. They also send a representative to every mediation hearing, mostly for grievance-tracking purposes (they make all the changes on the grievance website after mediations).

Occasionally, OCB will add a grievance to the docket, and in that case, the MRC notifies the additional grievants and delegates approximately two weeks prior to the mediation hearing. This does not happen very often though.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your supervisor is aware that you will be attending a day of mediations and that your labor relations officer notifies your supervisor of your release. If your supervisor tells you he or she did not receive a release for the day, you must contact your Labor Relations representative. Labor Relations is responsible for releasing you- NOT the Union. (For many other events, the Union does secure your release, so this is often confusing.) That being said, once you speak to Labor Relations, if they refuse to release you, please contact your MRC Representative. Let us know if you have any questions!

ODRC & APA 2020 Mediation Dates

Wednesday, January 29
Tuesday, February 25
Tuesday, March 31
Tuesday, April 28
Thursday, May 28
Tuesday, June 30
Tuesday, July 28
Tuesday, August 25
Tuesday, September 29
Tuesday, October 27
Tuesday, November 24
Thursday, December 10

All-Agency (non ODRC) 2020 Mediation Dates

Tuesday, January 7
Thursday, February 13
Tuesday, March 17
Wednesday, April 15
Thursday, May 14
Thursday, June 11
Tuesday, July 14
Thursday, August 13
Thursday, September 10
Tuesday, October 6
Tuesday, November 17
Tuesday, December 15

In Solidarity,

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SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

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