State Chapter – January Newsletter

State Newsletter January 2020State of Ohio – Union Chapter News 
National Law Enforcement Week. This week, we thank Ohio’s Adult and Juvenile Parole Officers for their service. We appreciate their important work on behalf of the public. SEIU District 1199 is proud and honored to be the Union that represents these brave and selfless men and women.  

Educational Development Fund Update. On July 1st, the Educational Development Fund for members of SEIU District 1199 renewed with an additional balance of $750,000 available for reimbursement. As of January 4th, 39% of the budget and $299,183.46 remains available for reimbursement. This fund was negotiated as a part of the contract and allows reimbursement for approved training and educational expenses. In 2018, members negotiated a substantial increase in funding for the Educational Development Fund as a part of the current contract due to the fact that in previous years the fund had been depleted far in advance of the July 1st renewal date.

Ohio Department of Health Member Successfully Challenges Written Reprimand. A member with the Ohio Department of Health received a written reprimand and believed the circumstances were unjust. The member worked with the Union and after a step two meeting, the employer agreed to remove the reprimand after eight months, which is a much shorter timeframe than the normal period of two years.

Fine Overturned for Member With The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction After Grievance. A member with the ODRC successfully challenged a discipline relating to a workplace issue. Through the grievance process, the member showed highly mitigating circumstances, which had not been fully considered. The employer agreed to change the two day fine to a two day working suspension, return the money from the fine, and remove the discipline after two years instead of three years.

Member With The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Receives Retroactive Pay. A member with ODMHAS filed a grievance regarding missing on-duty pay. In a successful outcome, the pay issue issue was resolved and the member withdrew the grievance after being properly compensated.

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