Stand With the Healthcare Heroes of Cabell Huntington Hospital

Cabell Huntington Event Photo 3
The nurses and technical workers of Cabell Huntington Hospital are heroes who serve our community every day, providing vital health care services on behalf of working people, individuals, and families from across our region. 

These workers are currently negotiating with Cabell Huntington Hospital for a fair contract that protects health and safety through better staffing, while ensuring fair wages and benefits for themselves and their families. Below are some ways that you can support these workers in their contract campaign now: 

Write to Elected Officials. Submit a letter of support to your elected officials. Let your representatives know that you support the nurses and technical workers of Cabell Huntington Hospital as they stand together for a fair contract. Submit your name and a support letter here

Write a Letter to the Editor. Send a letter to the editor and share your support with the public. Visit this page for details on submitting a letter to the editor.

Tweet Your Support. Share your support on Twitter with messages of solidarity. 

Support Petition. Submit your name in support of Huntington’s hospital heroes. Sign the support petition here

Together, the workers of Cabell Huntington Hospital are united for good jobs and quality care.

In Solidarity, 

Joyce Gibson – Regional Director 
SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

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