Solidarity Newsletter — February

Solidarity February 2021● Mahoning Valley Hospital Member in Ohio Restored to Employee Status. A member in Youngstown was furloughed at the start of the COVID19 pandemic. The member was returned to work but only as a per diem employee, which was a contract violation. As a per diem employee, the member would have lost their substantial sick leave and personal time balances, which had a value of over $8,000. Standing with the Union, the member filed a grievance and was returned to the proper status with leave time restored. 

● Cleveland Public Library Members Win Class Action Grievance. Members with Cleveland Public Library have  contractual “special close” language that grants time and a half pay when members work while libraries are closed. The Board of Trustees for Cleveland Public Library tried to circumvent this contract provision by passing a special policy. Members stood united behind the grievance and three members participated in official proceedings. An arbitrator recently issued a decision in favor of the library members and found that they were owed over $62,000.  

● West Virginia Member With ResCare Receives Missing PTO Hours. A member with ResCare contacted the Union and believed that she was missing PTO hours dating back to October 2019. The member filed a grievance and just before mediation, ResCare confirmed that there were 120 PTO hours that were missing. The value of the PTO hours totaled approximately $1,200. 

● Standing Together Amid the COVID19 Pandemic.
Members with SEIU District 1199 have been standing with their co-workers as Union members in the pandemic. Together, members across many chapters have successfully negotiated hazard pay and other agreements to combat COVID19. 

● Cabell Huntington Hospital Nurses Negotiate and Ratify First Contract.
Nurses with Cabell Huntington Hospital stood united in negotiations and throughout their organizing campaign that started in 2019 to form a Union and then ratify their first contract. The nurses, who have been on the frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic, negotiated significant improvements in important areas such as quality care, wages, and benefits. 

American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan would provide hundreds of billions of dollars for states, schools, and local governments. This funding is vital for public services and employers where members work.
Send a message to your legislators about this important recovery plan.

● Dedicated ResCare Member Returns to Work.
A member with ResCare was terminated after 12 years with the company due to a misunderstanding. Ultimately, 23 employees with ResCare called the Member Resource Center on the member’s behalf and 12 members wrote character reference letters to submit to ResCare. In a mutually agreeable settlement, the member returned to work and received $1,500 in backpay. 

Member Resource Center Update
The Member Resource Center provides assistance each day to a substantial number of members across West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Whether you need a copy of your contract, assistance contacting Union staff, or advice on how to file a grievance, representatives with the Member Resource Center are standing by to assist members each Monday through Friday. “Your Member Resource Center Has Your Back!”

SEIU District 1199 Member Benefits

Membership with SEIU District 1199 includes membership with three member benefit programs. Those programs include Union Plus, SEIU Member Benefits, and the SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH membership card. Members and eligible family members can now take classes with Eastern Gateway Community College at no-cost online. In 2019, Union Plus announced a new program with Central State University in Dayton. If you are not a member, you can sign a membership card online. 

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