Solidarity Newsletter – February

Solidarity Newsletter 2.20.20
Member News and Grievance Victories
● Ohio ResCare Member Granted Mileage Reimbursement. A member with ResCare in Wood County, Ohio, was not reimbursed for mileage and expenses. Working with the Union, the member was issued a payment for $400 but was still not made whole. Standing together, the grievance has been resolved and an additional $150 payment was granted. 

● Discipline Against Mercy Allen Hospital Member Reduced. A member in Oberlin, Ohio, assisted another member with accessing workplace benefits. The member had worked for the hospital for 20 years and is a highly dedicated employee but had used a work computer to help a fellow co-worker outside of work time. The Union and member successfully argued that the discipline was unduly harsh and it was reduced to a “documented counseling,” which is not a formal form of discipline.

● Ohio Nursing Home Member Issued Settlement After Dispute. A member who worked for an Ohio nursing home was terminated after a disagreement. The member filed a grievance and reached a settlement that included being paid compensation for all unpaid PTO and sick time.

● Ohio Nurse Works With Union to Successfully Address Scheduling. A nurse with Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain, Ohio, works weekend shifts only. However, recently, the member was assigned to work on holidays that did not fall on the weekend. The Union advised that this was a contract violation and after this was raised with management, the scheduling issue was resolved.

● West Virginia Healthcare Member Secures Retroactive Pay. A ResCare member in Mineral County, West Virginia, was supposed to receive a wage increase in 2018 but the increase was not issued. The member had worked significant overtime and hours over the relevant period and worked with the Union to file a grievance after the employer recognized the wage increase but did not offer back pay. In a successful outcome, the member was issued $900 in retroactive pay. 

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