Solidarity Newsletter – August 2020

Solidarity News August 2020 ● Member With Youngstown Nursing Home Wins Settlement. A member who worked for a nursing home for over 12 years was terminated. The member contacted the Union, which maintained that this was entirely unreasonable given that the member had only one active disciplinary issue and that this new infraction was common in the workplace. Through the grievance process and working with the Union, the member was able to secure a settlement of $1,000, an agreement by the employer not to contest their application for unemployment compensation, and a neutral reference.

● Bellefaire JCB Members Stand Together For Safety. Members with Bellefaire JCB, a service provider in Cleveland, have been standing together as Union members and co-workers to ensure workplace safety in relation to the current pandemic. Through their Union, these members negotiated a settlement under which Bellefaire JCB will make several important safety improvements, such as re-configuring workspaces.  

● Nurse at Northeast Ohio Hospital Secures Back Pay. An RN worked weekends as a PRN but contacted the Union after realizing that she was not being paid the $5.50 an hour premium pay that was negotiated by members in their contract. The employer agreed to pay her $1,000 for the hours she had worked without full compensation. Additionally, the employer agreed to ensure that all similarly situated PRN nurses would be compensated.

● ResCare Member in West Virginia Returns to Work. A member in West Virginia with a group home in Greenbrier County filed a grievance and as a result, an unjust dismissal was overturned. The member then returned to their same workplace, shift, and pay rate. The member was also issued back pay covering three weeks of work that were missed due to the dismissal.

● Southern Ohio Hospital Member Maintains Proper Status After Filing Grievance. A member had applied for a PRN position but was denied. The member had further inquired about working PRN but was told that no positions were available. Suddenly, many months later, the member was told that they were being moved to PRN status but the member no longer wanted or had an application active for such status. Working with the Union, the member was able to maintain their full-time job status.


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