Signature of Galion Members Negotiate New Contract With Improved Wages and Workplace Protections

Members with Signature of Galion recently stood together across all differences to negotiate a strong new contract agreement with no concessions. Members with this facility work as a team every day to provide the best possible care. Improvements were made in areas such as wages, workplace protections, and mandation.

The new contract includes the following terms

Wages. The contract includes automatic annual wage increases for each of the next three years. Start rate increases will immediately lift wages for some workers. A new experience scale will also raise wages after taking into account experience.

Discrimination. New expanded discrimination language will protect workers in the area of sexual orientation.

Perfect Attendance Bonus. A bonus for perfect attendance will now include $125 for full time workers and $60 for part time workers.

Mandation. Language in this area has improved and workers will also not be subject to mandation if they had perfect attendance in the prior pay period.

Uniform Reimbursement. Members can now use their uniform reimbursement dollars anywhere within certain parameters, instead of with the employers vendor.

Representation. The contract includes new language that will enable the provision of enhanced representation through the Member Resource Center.

As union members, these nursing home workers were able to speak out for the changes they needed for themselves and their families. We are stronger together.

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