SEIU 1199 Members From OH/WV/KY Join For Advanced Grievance Chair Training

This month, members of SEIU District 1199 from Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, joined in Huntington for an advanced grievance chair training. Grievance chairs are prepared to enforce key contract provisions and if necessary, file grievances back in their shops.

 Advanced Grievance Chair Training
The grievance process highlights one of the important benefits of collective bargaining and gives Union members an avenue to stand up for their rights. SEIU District 1199 members who face contract and other violations can seek a remedy through the grievance process. Members of the Union have a strong track record of winning favorable outcomes and employers are often on the wrong side of such disputes.

If you believe your employer is violating labor law or your contract, contact the Member Resource Center for assistance. The MRC is open from 8:30AM to 8PM every Monday through Friday. Your Member Resource Center has your back!

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