“Right to Work” is WRONG

rtw_is_wrongThe trick-titled “right to work” is WRONG because it is an unsafe and unfair attack on workers’ rights, good jobs, families and the middle class.

“Right to work” is wrong for working and middle class families, it is wrong for Ohio, and it is wrong for all of us. Don’t trust it!

“Right to work” is complicated, confusing and costly. The same greedy corporate CEOs, who put profits before people and brought Ohio Senate Bill 5, are behind “right to work”, which is wrong. These anti-worker groups are purposely being deceptive, using deceptive phrases like “right to work,” and “workplace freedom,” to mislead hard-working Ohioans like you.

Think about it: When was the last time that billionaires spent millions of dollars to give you more freedom in the workplace? It’s just not true.

“Right to work” is wrong – don’t trust it.

“Right to work” is wrong and unfair because if you work hard and play by the rules, you should be treated with respect and dignity.

Once again, Gov. Kasich, his millionaire friends, and wealthy special interest groups are attacking the middle class.

It is unsafe because it makes it harder to collectively bargain for life-saving equipment, staffing and other safety issues for the brave men and women that protect us, like police officers and firefighters.

It is unsafe because it takes away the professional voices of those we trust to take care of our children and families, such as teachers and nurses.

It is unfair because it lets a small number of workers game the system and cheat by not paying their fair share dues at the expense of employees who work hard and play by the rules.

It is an attack on workers’ rights because the worker loses his or her voice to speak up in the workplace by being stripped of collective bargaining rights. Workers will be intimidated into losing their freedom of speech to point out potential safety issues regarding products, equipment, manufacturing and other problems.

It is wrong because it means less money, lower wages and fewer benefits for you, me and all of us in the middle class.

Communities thrive and grow when Ohioans have good paying jobs. Let’s stand up together and stick together for a decent standard of living.

We deserve it.

Our out-of-touch opponents are once again trying to manipulate voters, just like they did last year. They are deceptive, their slogan is devious and they do not want to play by the rules.

Tell the greedy people who want to hurt our families and devastate our communities that they are not welcome here. In Ohio, we stand up for one another and we support collective bargaining rights.

We vetoed Senate Bill 5 and we will defeat any effort to further rig the system against middle class families. We know that “right to work” really means “right to work for less”, and it’s WRONG!

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