Quality Care Top Concern of Fairmont General Hospital Workers

Care and service providers represented by SEIU District 1199 remain committed to providing quality healthcare community relies on. 

FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA – Following the announcement earlier this morning by Fairmont General Hospital management that the hospital will file with the United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of West Virginia for Chapter 11  bankruptcy on Tuesday to restructure the debt of the health system, Service Employees International Union District 1199 Executive Vice President Kathy McCormick issued the following statement:

“On behalf of the over 300 employees of Fairmont General Hospital represented by SEIU District 1199, let me first say that we are committed to working with hospital management to preserve quality care and services that this community relies on.”

“We share and empathize with both the patients and employees of Fairmont General Hospital in their concern about the impact bankruptcy will have on the community and the future of healthcare options available to our area residents in their time of need.”

“For decades, Fairmont General Hospital has been a beacon of top-rated healthcare provided by some of the best and brightest providers in the tri-state area while also serving as a source of family-sustaining jobs, driving our local economy and making our community strong.”

“In the spirit of cooperation, we call upon the management of Fairmont General Hospital to sit down with employees and their representatives to discuss ways to improve hospital operations. Not all of the answers or the best ideas come from the Board Room. If hospital executives are as committed to the future of Fairmont General Hospital as the employees are, they should listen to what workers have to say as well.”

“It is important that this community knows that Fairmont General Hospital is open for business, continuing to provide top-quality care and the best thing people can do to support the workers and the hospital is to continue to trust the experienced care and service providers of Fairmont General Hospital for all of their healthcare needs.”

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