President Becky Williams calls on Sen. Huffman to resign, calls remarks “blatantly racist.”

In response to the remarks by Ohio State Senator Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City) about COVID-19 and the Black community, SEIU District 1199 President Becky Williams issued the following statement:  

“The comments made by Ohio State Senator Steve Huffman have no place in our society and certainly have no place in the Ohio Senate.”

“Senator Huffman’s statement is blatantly racist, and I am calling on him to immediately resign and issue to a sincere apology to people of color in our state and across our nation.”

“There is no place for racism in America. We must speak out against anti-Black injustice everywhere and expose inequities, inequalities, and racism when we see it. Elected officials must work to dismantle structural and systemic racism to ensure that Ohio is a place where we all belong equally.”

“Anyone, especially those in elected office, who remain silent in the face of racism is complicit to the atrocities being perpetrated against Black people in our country.”

“I am disgusted and appalled by Steve Huffman’s remarks and anything less than a resignation is unacceptable.”

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