Members With Opportunity Homes Approve Hazard Pay and Bonus Fund

Members with Opportunity Homes have approved hazard pay and a bonus fund. These members and others with SEIU District 1199 are heroically working on the front lines of the COVID19 pandemic.

Members with Opportunity Homes will receive a $0.50 per hour bonus during the current pay period. Workers will also have $1.10 per hour that will be placed in an emergency bonus fund which will be paid out to employees who stay until after the current emergency status is lifted or on June 1st, whichever date is sooner. Workers who are caring for individuals who have contracted COVID19, will receive time and a half pay, in addition to the bonuses noted above. Other protections have also been put in place regarding these bonuses for workers on maternity leave and for workers who must use sick leave.

Members of SEIU District 1199 continue to stand united – black, white, and brown, across West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Members are calling for paid leave for all workers, hazard pay, access to personal protective equipment, and action by employers, industries, and lawmakers, to protect all workers.

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