SEIU District 1199 Member Leader Speaks at Statehouse on Minimum Wage Bill

Columbus (OH) – Today, three legislative leaders announced at a press conference a proposal to incrementally increase Ohio’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

SEIU District 1199 member leader Chaundra Kidd, a health care worker from Cleveland, spoke about the importance of a living wage to her family and working people across Ohio. She said, “No one who works full-time in our state should live in poverty.” She continued, “I want a better future for my family, but I can’t do it making less than $15 per hour.”

According to research by Policy Matters Ohio, 1.8 million workers across Ohio would benefit from a $15 minimum wage. Over 700,000 children have a parent who would get a raise. Finally, boosting Ohio’s minimum wage to $15 would reduce pay disparities and increase pay for 41% of working women.

The bill is being introduced by State Senator Schiavoni (Boardman), Senate Assistant Democratic Whip Cecil Thomas (Cincinnati), and House Assistant Democratic Whip Brigid Kelly (Cincinnati). This bill is the first state legislation in Ohio that would provide a direct path to $15. The proposal calls for a $12 an hour wage, which would then increase annually and reach $15 in 2025.

For photos of the press conference, additional photos are posted on Flickr here. 

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