Observing Workers Memorial Day in 2018

This Workers Memorial Day, on April 28th, we recognize workers that fought for safety protections, as well as those who lost their lives or were injured at work. Many members of SEIU District 1199 work in jobs with potential for injury.


In 2018, workplace protections are at-risk. With support from business and lobby groups, the Trump administration has moved to weaken and eliminate regulations meant to protect working people.

We urge that agencies that protect safety for working people are fully funded. In West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, regulations that protect our union brothers and sisters, in addition to all workers, must remain in place.

These issues are particularly important as anti-union special interests have renewed a push to make Ohio a “right-to-work” state. In states that have passed “right-to-work,” workplace safety has also declined.

Over 40 years ago, brave union members and others pushed the Congress to pass a workplace safety law, known as the OSH Act. This year, we continue to declare that every worker has a right to a safe job. We stand united for workplace safety measures that provide vital protections. 

To read more about Workers Memorial Day, visit this page by the AFL-CIO. 

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