Oak Pavilion Members Stand Together for Good Union Jobs in New Contract

Members with Oak Pavilion have worked heroically in the current pandemic to provide quality care for residents under difficult circumstances. In recent contract negotiations, members with this facility stood together – black, white, brown, and Asian – to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.  

The new contract includes the following terms:

Wages. The new contract includes 2.5% wage increases for each of the next three years. Members also negotiated a new $0.50 shift differential for laundry workers, housekeeping, dietary staff, and activity aides.

Discrimination. Members were able to add non-discrimination language in areas that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sick Time. Members negotiated improved language in the area of sick leave, including the provision of additional time.

Bulletin Board. One priority for members was the proper placement of the Union bulletin board. The bulletin board will be moved back next to the time clock.

Representation. Union orientation time has been increased to one hour. Additionally, new language will assist with keeping the chapter strong and the provision of representation through the Member Resource Center.

Members of this facility will continue to stand together for safety and quality care as co-workers and union members.

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