Nursing Home Workers With Menorah Park to Hold Candlelight Vigil in Beachwood

Nursing Home Workers With Menorah Park to Hold Candlelight Vigil – Speak Out About Working in the COVID19 Pandemic and Call for Hazard Pay for all Nursing Home Workers.

Nursing home workers call working in the pandemic distressing and urge nursing home administrators at Menorah Park and all nursing homes to provide hazard pay and protect all workers.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Contact: Samara Knight at (877) 419-7348         

CLEVELAND, OHIO – On Wednesday, July 29th, union workers with Menorah Park, a long-term care facility, located in Beachwood, Ohio, will hold a candlelight vigil at 3:00 PM. The workers with the facility will honor nursing home residents, their coworkers, and nursing home workers across the area. In addition to speaking out about their experiences, they will call for hazard pay for all nursing home workers.

When: Wednesday, July 29th at 3:00 PM
What: Candlelight Vigil at Menorah Park
Nursing Home Workers Providing Health Care and Services in the Pandemic
Where: On Cedar Road in Front of Menorah Park (27100 Cedar Road) 

“The workers at Menorah Park and across Cleveland have continued working, no matter what the risk or how difficult the circumstances,” said Samara Knight, Executive Vice President with SEIU District 1199. “They care deeply about their work but they also worry about their families.”

The workers will gather starting at 2:00 pm and the vigil will be held at 3:00 pm. Union workers from Montefiore, a nearby facility that recently merged with Menorah Park, will also join for the vigil to stand with their colleagues. In the last few months, though the number of bargaining unit members is not certain, Ohio Department of Health data shows that 16 staff members at the Menorah Park campus have contracted COVID19.

“They are standing together to speak out about their experiences. These workers had incredibly difficult jobs before this pandemic. All workers deserve hazard pay in this time of crisis. Despite the importance of their work, nursing home workers have always been under appreciated,” concluded Knight. 

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