Nurses with Cabell Huntington Hospital Overwhelmingly Reject Proposal From Hospital Executives and Urge Additional Negotiations – Bargaining Committee Will Evaluate Next Steps, Consider Sending a Strike Notice

The nurses with Cabell Huntington Hospital say that the hospital system has an obligation to further address hospital staffing, in addition to damaging changes in health benefits that imposed exorbitant costs on area workers and their families.

Staff Contact: Joyce Gibson at (304) 654-0824
For Immediate Release: November 14, 2020

HUNTINGTON, West Virginia – After nine months of negotiations, hospital executives last week gave the Union nurses with Cabell Huntington Hospital a “final offer” that did not do enough to address health insurance costs or safe hospital staffing. The nurses voted to form a Union in November 2019 because of concerns about hospital staffing and dramatic health insurance costs that were imposed on hospital workers after the formation of the Mountain Health Network and the hospital’s acquisition of St. Mary’s Medical Center.

“From staffing to employee retention, the nurses of Cabell Huntington Hospital care tremendously about the hospital and patient care,” said Joyce Gibson, Secretary-Treasurer with SEIU District 1199. “The nurses have made their voices heard and they won’t walk away from these negotiations without a contract that further protects patient care and ensures that workers and families across this city have access to affordably priced health insurance,” continued Gibson.

St. Mary’s Medical Center was acquired in 2018 in a $165M transaction. This year, amid the COVID19 pandemic and layoffs at the hospital, the Cabell Huntington Hospital system through St. Mary’s Medical Center acquired the Huntington Internal Medicine Group (HIMG) for over $10M. The nurses with Cabell Huntington Hospital have served bravely in the current pandemic and remain steadfast and dedicated to reaching a fair and equitable contract agreement.

SEIU District 1199 has represented workers with Cabell Huntington Hospital for over 40 years. In the largest victory since West Virginia became a “right-to-work” state, nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital joined SEIU District 1199 in November 2019. Technical workers with Cabell Huntington Hospital joined SEIU District 1199 in February 2020.

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