Morrison Community Living Members Stand in Unity to Negotiate New Contract

Members with Morrison Community Living at Judson recently stood together to bargain a new contract agreement. As Union members from different backgrounds, the bargaining committee spoke out and came together in unity for improved wages and working conditions.

The new contract includes the following new terms:

• Social Justice. Against the national backdrop of everyday people speaking out about inequity, members negotiated having Juneteenth, a day which marks the end of slavery, as a paid holiday.
• Religious Observance. Members negotiated the ability to have alternative days for religious observances, in place of listed holidays.
• Wages. Members negotiated a 11% wage increase over the three year agreement, which will improve wages for all bargaining unit employees. Shift differentials were also increased.
• Longevity. Many members with this chapter have worked at Judson facilities for a significant period of time. The bargaining committee negotiated increased longevity bonuses on anniversary milestones (10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries). Additionally, new anniversary milestone have been added (5th, 30th, and 40th year anniversaries).
• PTO Cashout. Members were able to increase the amount of PTO time that can be cashed out under certain timelines and circumstances.
• Perfect Attendance Bonus. Members who have perfect attendance will now receive $200 semi-annually, instead of $100, which was in place previously. 
• Attendance. Attendance and work performance issues will now be evaluated on two separate tracks. Additionally, physician’s notes will be accepted in regards to attendance without points. Language was also further improved in this area with new language and an additional step. 
• Bereavement. Three immediate types of family members were added in the area of paid bereavement leave. Two additional days were also added when bereavement requires travel over 100 miles.
• Representation. Contract language was improved in areas that include union recognition, representation, the Member Resource Center, and seniority.

Members with Morrison Community Living work together as a team to provide quality services on behalf of Judson residents. Together, we rise.

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