Milwaukee 2020: An Example Of How Democrats Can Govern

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In choosing Milwaukee, the DNC recognized that an innovative $15 and a union agreement for downtown service and hospitality workers, including at the arena itself, provides a model for how Democrats can govern. 

Raising wages, household income and living standards requires strong wage floors, strengthening worker bargaining power in labor markets, and building worker organization. 

The arena district agreement at the center of Milwaukee’s downtown development is a tangible, concrete example of how policy-makers can help workers win again, particularly in the service sector jobs that have exploded in recent years.  The agreement MASH is implementing includes:

  • Wage floor on a path to $15 per hour (by 2023, starting at $12.50 in 2018)
  • Half of all jobs in the arena and surrounding development filled by residents of targeted neighborhoods by zip code
  • Requirement that covered employers source a pipeline of employees through the MASH hiring hall
  • Protection of workers’ rights to organize a union with a free and fair process

The DNC recognizes that Milwaukee is a symbol of how Democrats can and must win again — winning over working class people in swing states, and basing the contest for votes on who has serious plans to address economic anxieties, struggles, and inequality that have grown as wages have declined with the erosion of unions.

You can learn more about the Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality (MASH) workers organization here:

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