Members With Fairmont Regional Medical Center Give Donations to Local Charities

John Hindman FRMC Donation
(Photo Credit: John Mark Shaver – The Exponent Telegram

This year, instead of receiving holiday candy, SEIU District 1199 members with Fairmont Regional Medical Center gave $600 to Soup Opera and $600 to Union Mission. The hospital is located in Fairmont, West Virginia, and both of these non-profit groups help individuals in the local area.

Pictured above are John Hindman, an Executive Board Member with SEIU District 1199, Bob Adcock, the CEO of Fairmont Regional Medical Center, and Paul Porter, a Union member and sonographer. Though it is the holiday season, the hospital is vital to the region and members with the hospital work on behalf of the public every day. 

As reported by The Exponent Telegram, “It’s great for us to do this, because it’s about sharing and caring,” Hindman said. “That’s what we do here at Fairmont Regional. We care about the community and we share. It’s very important that we share this time of year because it’s the time of year where you need to share and help people out.”

“Instead of a $4 or $5 box of candy, $1,200 does a lot more for the community,” Hindman said. “With all of our members together pooling that money, it’s great. It does a great deal for the community and helps them out. I’m proud of all of my coworkers and union members, and there’s a good working relationship between the management and the union.”

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