Members at Heritage Center Stand Together to Bargain New Contract Agreement

Heritage Center
Members with Heritage Center in Huntington voted last week to unanimously ratify a new contract. No matter where we come from or what our background, we work hard for our families. Members worked together to bargain this contract which will lift wages and strengthen the chapter, representation, and the ability of members to speak out for themselves, their co-workers, and residents.

• Wages. Under new and improved start rates, all workers will be brought up to the new starting wage. Thirty seven members with this facility will be getting a $1 to $1.50 an hour raise in the first year. In addition to the new rates, wages will increase $0.40 in the first year, $0.30 in the second year, and $0.35 in the third year.

• Member Resource Center. The contract includes language related to the Member Resource Center, which will help with providing enhanced representation. 

• Paid Union Orientation. The contract now includes 1 hour of paid union orientation, which will assist member leaders as they keep the chapter strong.

• Labor Management. Language was improved in this area which will further enable members to have a voice with management.

• Holiday Time-Off Requests. Members had some difficulty in this area and contract language has been improved as far as requesting time-off for holidays.

This new three year contract includes no concessions. We are stronger together.

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