Lorain Public Library Members Negotiate New Contract That Ensures Quality Services

Members with the Lorain Public Library System recently bargained a new contract that will ensure the quality provision of services for the duration of the agreement.
Members from many backgrounds stood together for this new contract and they are deeply committed to their work. Like other public library members of the Union, they do this work because of the important role that libraries have in our communities.

Negotiations were open to all members, with many wearing buttons – sessions were later held online. When negotiations started before the pandemic, one bargaining session lasted until 1AM in the morning.

The new contract includes the following improvements

Wage Increases. The contract includes wages increases that total 8% over three years. These wage increases recognize the work of the dedicated staff despite concerns about the Public Library Fund.  
• Minimum Staffing Language. The contract sets a minimum level of staffing. This was important to the bargaining committee and will ensure safety for the public and chapter members.
• Improved Bereavement Leave. Language was improved in this area.
• New Advancement Opportunity. A new job title was created that will increase pay for many members with the library system.  
• Active Shooter Training. This training will now be offered to bargaining unit members but will not be mandatory.
• Annual Fire and Tornado Drills. Such drills will help ensure that library staff have the knowledge and ability to assist the public, if needed.  

Many chapter members have decades of experience but they were also joined for bargaining by rising chapter members who are new to the library system. Members with the Lorain Public Library System are united by their understanding of the importance of library services.

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