Keeping Ohio Moving Forward

Together, members of SEIU District 1199 are keeping Ohio moving forward. Members with the State of Ohio are heroically working each day to provide critical services and support on behalf of the public. 

Without the brave work of members of this Union, critical agencies, and institutions with the State of Ohio would not be able to carry out and fulfill their vital missions. Whether you are assisting your agency from home or on the front lines, we want the public to know about the important work that you are doing.

We Are Asking Members to Take a Photo to Highlight Your Work:

Take a selfie with a homemade sign and your message of hope or inspiration. Include on the sign the title “Keeping Ohio Moving Forward,” the hashtags listed below, your work details, and your custom message. Then send your selfie by email to

1. Include the line at the top “Keeping Ohio Moving Forward.” 
2. Use hashtags #SEIUDistrict1199 and #UnionStrong.
3. Please personalize your sign with a message of hope and inspiration. 
4. Add the name of your agency, your location, and your job/role.

The Union would like to make a video with these photos. Without your work, it would not be possible to keep Ohio moving forward during this crisis.

Be sure to send your selfie photo to Please take good care of yourselves and each other.

In Solidarity,

Joshua Norris – Executive Vice President

SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

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