The arbitrator has overruled Mercy’s declaration of impasse and ordered them back to negotiations with the Union. We are scheduling a date for next week.

Mercy Health’s failed declaration of impasse means that they cannot implement their health insurance proposals until reaching agreement with the union, or reaching true impasse after further negotiations.

We are committed to finding an agreement, but not one that allows Mercy Health executives to impose higher costs on our families for our healthcare just because they want to.  We are committed to protecting the benefits we have! This is why we have a Union – to fight back and stand united for what is right. But we all need to be involved, because when we fight together we win.

We need you to take these steps right now: 

  1. Sign Our Pledge to Stand United:
  2. Attend the membership meeting tomorrow, October 17 (10a to 1p, 3p-5p, 6:30p-8:30p) at the UAW Local 2129, 5300 Baumhart Road
  3. Hold Mercy executives accountable for their greed by attending negotiations next week (date to be confirmed)

Issued by your SEIU/1199 Mercy Regional Medical Center Registered Nurses Bargaining Committee


Geoff H. Davies
Coordinator, Region 2
SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH

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