Important Deadline – State Dependent Audit

state of ohioSEIU District 1199 has been contacted by the State of Ohio about the ongoing dependent verification for state employee health insurance coverage. This affects many members of the SEIU District 1199 bargaining unit. All forms must be turned in and verified prior to a deadline of April 5th, 2019.

If information is turned in but not correct, further documentation must also be provided prior to April 5th. This is important because dependent health care will be terminated if documentation is not received and approved. According to the State of Ohio, there is a large number of employees who have not submitted the required documentation at this time. 

Please refer to notices sent from the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services for further details. The Union Benefits Trust can be contacted at 800-228-5088. You can also contact the Dependent Verification Center at 833-372-8752. 

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