Important – Member Conference Call and Bargaining Survey

We received the attached letter from the Department of Administrative Services Director, Matthew Damschroder, requesting that we come to the bargaining table before June 15, 2020 to “discuss ways to reduce personnel costs so we can work together to maintain services for the citizens of the State of Ohio and preserve jobs for State employees.” You can read a copy of the letter at this link

This is clearly a demand to negotiate reductions to the membership who has reported faithfully during this pandemic emergency. What is unclear is whether this is a request to negotiate a successor agreement or a request for mid-term negations. We will be reaching out to DAS for clarification on this question. 

State Executive Board Members and your Union Leadership Team have held two (2) conference calls to discuss various strategies for moving forward, starting with hearing from you directly. 

We are hosting a series of calls for all SEIU/1199 Ohio State Chapter Members on Monday, June 8th to discuss the request to bargain and gather feedback.

Call Times: 12pm, 4pm and 7pm.
Call Information: Telephone Town Hall Meeting will call out to you directly and connect you to the call prior to your designated time. It is critical that you update your contact information and register for the call time of your choice by using this link. Register for the call and update your information here.

Our contract expires on April 30, 2021 and the timelines for initial preparation are as follows:

1. June 2020: Nominations for the Bargaining Team.
2. July 2020: Notify Members of the voting locations and times for the formal committee elections.
3. August 2020: Elect our Bargaining Committee.
4. September 2020: 1st Bargaining Committee Meeting.

Considering this new request to bargain, the abo

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