Healthcare Union: You Can’t Have Choice Without Options

President of SEIU District 1199 says quality care relies on consumer choice.

COLUMBUS, OHIO — The effective elimination of independent home care providers in the proposed budget by Governor John Kasich has many home care consumers, providers and advocates outraged. Becky Williams, President of the Service Employees International Union District 1199 released the following statement after learning as many as 13,000 independent providers could soon be out of a job or forced to work for home care agencies based on the Executive Budget. 

“Governor John Kasich’s decision to effectively eliminate independent providers as a choice for home care consumers is the wrong direction for long-term care in Ohio. Without access to independent home care providers, Ohioans with disabilities and seniors will lose their ability to choose the in-home provider that is right for them. Home care consumers, providers and advocates agree that choice is the foundation of quality care.”

“Kasich’s changes could mean lost jobs and lower wages for nearly 13,000 in-home care providers by lowering earning potentials for home care workers from $12-$15 per hour to $8-$10 per hour in an industry that provides no paid time off, benefits or retirement security.”

“The choice and freedom of Ohio’s long-term care consumers requires a balanced approach that includes nursing homes, home care agencies and most importantly independent home care providers. ”

“In the months ahead, we encourage state lawmakers to sit down with all stakeholders, including home care consumers, providers and advocates, on ways to improve quality care and raise wages for home care providers.”

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