Health Care Workers With the Stillwater Center in Dayton Call for Improved Safety Measures, Pandemic Protocols, and COVID19 Response

On Wednesday, August 12th, the Ohio Department of Health reported a total of 6 residents and 15 staff members testing positive with COVID19. Healthcare Union Members With the Stillwater Center Say COVID19 Related Infectious Disease Protocols and Safety Measures Must Improve to Protect Residents and Staff

: Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Contact: Joshua Norris at 877-419-7348

DAYTON, Ohio – Workers with the Stillwater Center in Dayton are speaking out about safety protocols as the COVID19 pandemic continues. Workers with the Stillwater Center provide health care and support services to clients with disabilities.

Local media in Dayton first reported a positive case at the Stillwater Center on June 22nd. Staff members who are members of SEIU District 1199 say that failure to adhere to sound protocols at the facility increases the risk of additional spread among staff and residents.

“Workers with the Stillwater Center have a Union, which means that they have a voice on the job and the ability to speak out for themselves and residents,” said Josh Norris, an Executive Vice President with SEIU District 1199. “These workers care tremendously about their work. It’s important that every measure possible is taken and adhered in order to prevent additional positive cases.”

Workers with the Stillwater Center have relayed concerns to the Union and Stillwater management, which include the need for additional quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 among staff, the ability to access and use N95 masks (instead of KN95), and instances in which there have been confirmed COVID19 positive cases but insufficient notice given to employees.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, as of August 5thone resident at the facility and seven staff members had contracted COVID19. In the most recent update from the Ohio Department of Health on August 12th, 6 residents and 15 staff members have now tested positive for COVID19. SEIU District 1199 represents over 30 workers with the Stillwater Center, in addition to health care and social service workers across West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. 

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