Hamlet Village Members Stand Together for Contract With Stronger Wages and Benefits

Members with Hamlet Village – black, white and brown – stand united for good jobs and quality care. Members with this senior living provider, which is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, recently stood together for a new contract and were able to make many improvements.

Beneficial terms of this recently negotiated contract include: 

• Wage Increases. Across-the-board wage increases for the next three years.
• Bonuses. A longevity bonus and a bonus upon ratification.
• Improved Delegate Language. Members with this facility will now have 3 delegates, in addition to their e-board member.  
• Vacation Roll-Over. Members can now roll-over 40 hours of vacation time, which will make a substantial difference.
• Bereavement Leave. Improvements in the area of bereavement leave. 
• Representation. The new contract includes language relating to the Member Resource Center, which will help the MRC provide enhanced representation.
• Delegate Training. The contract ensures 6 paid delegate training days per year.

Members worked as a team to bargain this contract, just as they do each day to provide the best possible care. These new terms provide for significant improvements that will last through the current crisis and beyond.

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