Governor Kasich Should Show Leadership, Compassion By Accepting Federal Funding for Medicaid in Ohio

Columbus, Ohio – With just a few days until Governor John Kasich unveils his biennium budget plan, Ohio’s largest healthcare and social service Union urges the Governor, General Assembly to show leadership and compassion by accepting federal fund for Medicaid expansion.

“Working people across Ohio are struggling to maintain health care coverage for their families and now is the time for the Governor to do the right thing by accepting federal funding for Medicaid expansion,” said Becky Williams, President of the Service Employees International Union District 1199. “Not only would approximately 578,000 Ohioans become newly eligible for Medicaid, but the federal Government picks up most of the tab, including 100% for the first three years.”

If Gov. Kasich refuses federal funds for Medicaid expansion it would leave 1,091,000 Ohioans without health care security.

However expansion isn’t just about the positive social impact for Ohioans, it also creates jobs and makes fiscal sense for Ohio. Accepting the federal funds available for Medicaid would generate a large increase in economic activity through an estimated 31,872 jobs over the next 8 years.

The purchasing of goods and services by health care providers and greater health care security for individuals would also free up economic resources for families and business generating $17,520,000 in increased earnings for Ohio.

That increased economic activity can only help Ohio’s general revenue fund. In fact, according to a recent study released by The Ohio State University and others, the state would see an increase of economic activity that would generate a total of $857,000,000 in general state revenue between fiscal years 2014 and 2022.

Members of the Service Employees International District 1199 have been working for weeks calling on state lawmakers to accept federal funds for Medicaid expansion through in-district meetings, phone calls and letters to members of the General Assembly.

“Medicaid expansion means jobs and healthcare for more Ohioans and that’s a win-win proposition for all of us,” continued Williams.

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