Frontline Service CEO Susan Neth – Be Fair To Those Who Care in Cleveland

Frontline Executive Director, Susan Neth is at it again, taking care of herself at the expense of the most vulnerable in our community.

Susan Neth is pulling down a six-figure salary at an agency that provides services to some of the poorest and at risk people in our community – denying frontline workers’ wages that allow them to provide for their families.

And rather than paying workers a fair wage, Susan Neth gave out coloring books as holiday gifts to her staff while spending thousands on lavish travel and more managers. The staff at Frontline Service work hard every day – reaching out to adults and children in our area to end homelessness, prevent suicide, resolve behavioral health crises, and overcome trauma.

In these difficult times, we need to take care of those most in need. Call Executive Director Susan Neth at 216-274-3300 and ask her to be fair to those who care.

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