Essential Workers Deliver Win in Historic Victory for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

SEIU leaders celebrate the election of the first black woman and person of Indian descent to be elected Vice President of the United States.

COLUMBUS, OHIO – With the most votes of any presidential ticket in American history, essential workers across the country have delivered a decisive victory for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

“Essential workers turned out in record numbers to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, making history by electing the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent as Vice President of the United States,” said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH and International Vice President of the Service Employees International Union. “Now women and girls across the country and around the world will see a reflection of themselves in the Vice President of the United States and know that they can achieve their dreams no matter their zip code or the color of their skin.”

Even in the midst of a pandemic that has left more than 200,000 of our loved ones dead and created the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, essential workers like Cleveland-area homecare worker Carol Ford have turned out in record numbers across the country to vote, making their voices heard to pick new leaders who will care and govern for all of us.

“For four years, people across our country have demonstrated our commitment to standing with and for each other. In 2020, a year that has tested us like no other, we’re pulling through the pandemic by pulling together,” said Carol Ford, Ohio Private Sector Member Vice President for SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH and Cleveland-area homecare provider. “Through it all, we’ve rejected every attempt to divide us based on what we look like, where we come from, or where we live. And this election is no exception. We the people are proving nothing will stop us from making our voices heard.”

Now essential workers like Lorain-area Registered Nurse Judy Maldonado say it is time to hold our new government leaders to account – to not merely tackle the crises the last government created – but to make this a place where all of us can thrive.

“Our collective vote nationwide was the first step in forcing a reckoning to bring bold change to our communities,” said Judy Maldonado, RN Member Vice President of SEIU District 1199 and a behavioral health nurse practitioner in Lorain, Ohio. “Now, we need to uproot the systems of racism that our nation was founded on and unrig the rules so all working people can bargain for a better life at work and in our communities.”

SEIU members believe that President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris will deliver on the issues that matter to working people, specifically raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, rewriting the rules so all workers can have a Union and healthcare for all.

“Today we celebrate this historic victory for our nation, and tomorrow we continue our collective work to demand our elected leaders take action bold enough to meet this moment of unprecedented crisis,” continued Williams.

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