Disgusted with Distractions from Quality Care, RNs At Cabell Huntington Hospital Call Out Aggressive, Anti-Union Tactics

Registered Nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital are fed up with management pulling caregivers away from patients to dissuade them from uniting for a voice on patient safety and quality care.

HUNTINGTON, WV – Today, Registered Nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital will hold a press conference outside of the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital entrance to call on hospital executives and managers to stop their aggressive, anti-Union campaign that is pulling caregivers away from their patients. Nurses from all areas of the hospital, including critical care areas like ICU and NICU, have been forced into captive audience meetings with department managers and other executives on work time when they should have been providing quality care to patients.

“The Registered Nurses of Cabell Huntington Hospital care deeply about the health, wellness and safety of their patients,” said Sherri McKinney, spokesperson for the Nurses Organizing Campaign at Cabell Huntington Hospital. “These women and men wake up every day to provide the best quality care possible to the patients of our community, but the aggressive, anti-Union tactics by management are taking them away from their ability to do their jobs.”

Captive audience meetings are an aggressive tool used by hospital executives and managers under the advisement of their Union-busting consultants to pressure employees to pledge their allegiance to their employer, rather than what is in the best interest of the employee, their family or the patients that they serve.

Despite the registered nurses attending the latest Board of Directors meeting asking for them to intervene, hospital managers continue to pull nurses away from their patients.

These tactics come as an overwhelming majority of the more than 900 registered nurses at the hospital notified Cabell Huntington executives of their decision to organize with SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH after drastic changes in the operation of the hospital were announced by Mountain Health, the new parent company of both Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

“By uniting together in their Union with SEIU, nurses will have a collective voice on the issues that impact their families and the care they provide our community,” continued McKinney. “Cabell executives and managers should allow our nurses to provide the care they are sworn to provide without distraction, intimidation or coercion by anyone.”

Registered Nurses and SEIU leaders will hold a brief press availability at 3:45 pm on Wednesday, November 6th, in front of Hoops Family Children’s Hospital entrance of Cabell Huntington Hospital, 1340 Hal Greer Boulevard Huntington, WV 25701.

WHO: Registered Nurses at Cabell Huntington Hospital
WHAT: Press Conference Against Aggressive, Anti-Union Tactics
WHEN: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 3:45pm
WHERE: Hoops Family Children’s Hospital entrance of Cabell Huntington Hospital, 1340 Hal Greer Boulevard Huntington, West Virginia 25701

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