Dedicated Union Members With State of Ohio Work & Stand Together

State of Ohio members have been standing together to win favorable outcomes. These members with the State of Ohio bring a great deal of dedication to their work on behalf of the public. Below are some of the recent victories:

Ohio Department of Health – A member worked together with a delegate to file a class action grievance. This member and fellow co-workers are in a position important to the provision quality care and have been pushing for additional staffing and mandation reform. The member identified an issue with staffing and successfully took action with the support of fellow members to make an important improvement.  

Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities – A member interviewed for an internal position but had to use several hours of PTO time to participate. After the process concluded, the agency clarified that PTO time was not needed for future internal interviews but the decision was not retroactive. After taking formal action, half of the PTO time used for the process was returned to the member.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction – A member with many years of experience with the State of Ohio received a work reprimand over a workplace issue. To the surprise of the worker, he was later disciplined again for the same incident. Working together with his shop delegate, the member showed that the issue had already been addressed with the original discipline and the secondary action was overturned.

Ohio Department of Veterans Services – A member was improperly denied an overtime opportunity. The member worked with the shop delegate to file a grievance and was credited with 4 hours of time.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction – After a member recently retired, ODRC posted the vacant position but at several ranges lower. The agency was obligated to advertise the position at the same class level. To defend the contract, the shop delegate filed a grievance and the position was re-posted at a facility nearby, an outcome that worked for both parties.

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services – A member volunteered for overtime on a day off but was then mandated. Rules state that mandation is not allowed when working overtime on an off day. As a remedy, after taking action, the member was skipped for her next mandation.

In addition to these victories listed, many other workers are standing together as members to achieve favorable outcomes for themselves, their co-workers, and their departments. The Member Resource Center is now open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM each weekday to assist members and shop leaders who need assistance. These victories and others continue to show the power of unity. We are stronger together.

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