Tri-C Members Unite to Negotiate Contract With Improved Wages, Benefits, and Terms


Cuyahoga Community College (FT) members recently stood together to negotiate a new contract agreement. Members with Tri-C work every day on behalf of the students of the college and their community. Nearly 70% of bargaining unit members participated in the ratification vote.

The contract includes the following terms:

• Wages. A wage increase for the first year will be retroactive back to January. Members negotiated annual wage increases. Additionally, the contract ensures higher milestone increases and a top of the scale increase. Members of the bargaining unit will all receive a $750 ratification bonus.

• Lactation Rooms. This was a significant issue for members of the bargaining unit and negotiating committee. Under the new contract, lactation rooms must be clean, private, and accessible.

• Compensatory Time. Members will able to choose between taking compensatory time or overtime.

• Representation. There will now be a 30 minute paid union orientation time. Additionally, the new contract includes language that will help provide enhanced representation through the Member Resource Center and other terms that will help member leaders keep the chapter strong.

Members with Tri-C (FT) worked diligently to negotiate this contract, which will make a difference for themselves, their families, and their community. We are stronger together.

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