Community Leaders to Join Workers in Protest of Hypocrisy by Mercy Health Executives

Workers in Springfield & Urbana Remain Hopeful for a Fair Contract

CINCINNATI, OHIO – Ash Wednesday is traditionally seen as the beginning of a time of sacrifice and reflection to people of Catholic faith around the world. In that spirit, Mercy Health workers and their supporters will call upon Mercy Health executives to practice what they preach during two informational pickets in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

“It is our hope that members of the community will encourage Mercy Health’s Board of Directors to end this fight against the hard-working employees in their organization,” said Frank Hornick, Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union District 1199. “An unfair and unjust fight against hard-working, dedicated people caring for your friends and neighbors. Mercy Employees, whom many are paid poverty wages and now must defend against an attempt take away benefits.”

SEIU District 1199, which represents over 450 service and support employees at Mercy Health’s Springfield Regional Medical Center and McAuley Care Center, overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract proposals offered by hospital executives which would have robbed workers of their extended illness accrual banks, six days of paid time off per year and continued a cap on the wages of employees with many years of service to the health system.

Workers are furious about the blatant hypocrisy demonstrated by hospital executives at a time when Mercy Health is doing very well financially. While demanding workers forfeit their benefits and cap their wages, Mercy Health executives are seeing huge increases in their wages and bonuses. At the top of the list is Mercy Health CEO Michael Connelly who raked in $2,131,633 in total compensation in 2013, including a $511,477 bonus.

SEIU District 1199 has organized two informational pickets for Wednesday, February 18th, 2015. The first picket will take place at 12:00pm in front of Mercy Health’s Regional Administration Office located at 4600 McAuley Place in Cincinnati. The second picket will take place at 1:15pm in front of Mercy Health’s corporate headquarters located at 615 Elsinore Place in Cincinnati.

Mercy Health employees at Springfield Regional Medical Center and McAuley Care Center remain optimistic that an agreement can be reached if Mercy executives return to negotiations and bargain in good faith. At this time, there are no additional bargaining sessions scheduled between Mercy Health and SEIU District 1199. 

Additionally, union representatives have filed federal charges with the National Labor Relations Board against Mercy Health for unfair labor practices relating to the intimidation and coercion of their employees.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mercy Health’s Regional Administration Office, 4600 McAuley Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Mercy Health’s Corporate Headquarters, 615 Elsinore Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

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