FrontLine Service: Be Fair To Those That Care


Life can be hard and full of challenges.
And no one knows that better than the staff at Frontline Service.
Each and every day they are in the community helping those who are struggling to get by.
Reaching out to adults and children in our area to end homelessness, prevent suicide, resolve behavioral health crises, and overcome trauma.
But right now Frontline Service Executive Director Susan Neth isn’t taking care of the hard-working, dedicated staff who make the agency great.
For years, Frontline Service has balanced their books on the backs of their employees.
Instead of investing in the hard-working frontline workers, they spent money on costly management positions and thousands of dollars on travel to conferences that could have helped the community.
In these difficult times, we need to take care of those most in need.
Call Executive Director Susan Neth at 216-274-3300 and ask her to be fair to those who care.
Paid for by SEIU District 1199, Becky Williams, President

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