Victory Reports

Recent victories relate to members enforcing contract language, protecting benefits during negotiations, securing back-pay, labor rights, successful grievances, standing united for living wages, and more.

Members also often stand together on behalf of the greater community and fellow co-workers. If you have a victory, email it here so it can be shared on this page. These victories and others show why union membership is so important.

Members Unite and Start Year With Victories

Union Victory Report Graphic
Members with SEIU District 1199 are united for good jobs and quality care. An important benefit of union membership is collective bargaining and the grievance process. Below are some of the recent victories won by health care and public sector members of the union.

Candlewood Park Healthcare (East Cleveland, Ohio): The dietary workers at Candlewood Park received new uniforms and a $50 shoe allowance after a flood damaged their work clothing.

Spring Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation (Toledo, Ohio): Health care staff at Spring Meadows ratified their first contract with new management at the facility. Additionally, 18 workers at the facility signed PAC cards to contribute to the union’s political work.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center (Cleveland, Ohio): A worker at the hospital won his job back after a wrongful termination.

Ivy Woods Manor (North Lima, Ohio): A 30 year employee of Ivy Woods Manor was reinstated with back pay.

Avenue Care and Rehabilitation (Warrensville, Ohio): A worker at Avenue Care worked with the union to get a final warning reduced to a written warning.

Eliza Jennings (Cleveland, Ohio): A worker won pay for a floating holiday that had not been recognized.

Columbus Healthcare Center (Columbus, Ohio): Workers at the Columbus Healthcare Center had been struggling after the heat went out in the break room. After standing united as coworkers and contacting the union, another room was provided by management while repairs are made.

Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, Ohio): After a worker passed away, back pay was secured for the family. 

Portage County Library (Portage County, Ohio): Working with the union, a Portage County Library staff member won back floating holiday hours that were lost improperly. 

ResCare Members Work With the MRC to Win Latest Grievances

ResCare members of SEIU District 1199 provide critical care to many individuals with disabilities across West Virginia and Ohio. The Member Resource Center, which opened in August 2017,  provides enhanced representation and has achieved many victories over the last few months. The staff with the MRC report additional victories achieved over the last week. 

Nicholas County (WV): A member took paid time off totaling 19.78 hours but was not paid for the time. She contacted the MRC in late August and was not able to get informal resolution. Working with MRC contract and arbitration staff, the member filed a grievance. With resistance from the employer, it escalated to mediation where the member reached successful resolution. ResCare agreed to settle the grievance and pay the $296.70 that was owed. 

Franklin County (OH): A member and direct support professional had worked at ResCare for a decade. After he graduated with an LPN nursing degree, ResCare did not place him for an LPN position and said that he lacked experience. The Member Resource Center worked with the member to file a “non-selection” grievance within the same day. After just 9 days, the grievance was settled and ResCare agreed to promote the member. 

Wood County (WV): A member was due 95 hours of overtime that had been owed since July 2017. The member had tried to resolve the issue for nearly 6 months. After contacting the Member Resource Center, a grievance was filed within the same day. Within 20 days the issue was solved with a payment issued to the member. 

The Member Resource Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 8PM. If you believe your contract is being violated at work, do not hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!” 

Member With State of Ohio DMHAS Agency Gets Longevity Back Pay

A member of SEIU District 1199 with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services recently discovered that she had experience that should have counted towards longevity in determining her pay rate. After attempting to resolve the issue on her own, she contacted the Member Resource Center, which helped file a grievance.

Through the grievance process and with documentation and research by MRC staff, the agency granted the grievance. The members experience is now recognized by the agency. Additionally, with successful resolution to the grievance, the member was paid $550 in back pay. 

If you believe your rights or contract are being violated at work, contact the Member Resource Center for assistance. The Member Resource Center is open each Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 8:00PM. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!” 

Crestwood Care Center Nursing Home Workers Unify to Win Raise

Together We Rise PROMO Image
Health care workers with the Crestwood Care Center in Shelby, Ohio, recently successfully bargained a raise during a contract re-opener. These dedicated workers show the power of unity and provide essential care to residents at the facility. During negotiations, the workers brought a unified approach and shared their collective voice with officials from CommuniCare. 

Members of SEIU District 11199 at the facility will receive a 2% raise in 2018 and another 2% raise in 2019. Even members whose wages are capped, will receive the 2% raise each year. 

SEIU District 1199 ResCare Members and MRC Start Year With Victories

The Member Resource Center is a resource for all SEIU District 1199 members and now provides representation to members with ResCare in Ohio and West Virginia. Staff with the MRC are available each day from 8:30AM to 8:00PM. Working together, SEIU District 1199 members and the MRC have won many recent grievances. 

ResCare Gallia County (OH): A member who is passionate about his work with his consumers was unfairly disciplined. With the assistance of the Member Resource Center, the discipline was thrown out and the member received pay for the days he was on administrative leave. In a grievance with another worker in the same county, a member was issued improper warnings for tardiness. The grievance was filed and won within 13 days. 

ResCare Belmont County (OH): A member who had worked hard at ResCare for almost 4 years decided it was time to move on. She called the Member Resource Center to report that the company failed to pay her for a raise she was supposed to have received six months prior to her resignation. The MRC filed a grievance and received a check with all missing back pay.

ResCare Montgomery County (OH): A member contacted the Member Resource Center after realizing that she was missing months of pay for medication passes. The MRC immediately filed a grievance and after the first grievance meeting, the member received around $600 for the missing work. Progress has been made but the dispute has not been completely resolved. 

ResCare Berkeley County (WV): The Member Resource Center filed a grievance for a member missing several hours of pay on her most recent paycheck. The grievance and pay for the missing hours were resolved within one day. 

ResCare Wood County (OH): A member had tried herself to get ResCare to pay her 35 hours of missing Overtime but was unsuccessful. She filed a grievance with the help of the MRC and won back pay for the overtime hours.

If you believe your contract or rights are being violated at work, please do not hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

ResCare SEIU District 1199 Members Work With Member Resource Center to Win Grievances

In December, multiple ResCare employees worked with staff at the Member Resource Center to win grievances. ResCare workers provide critical services to individuals with disabilities and have been an important part of the Member Resource Center’s work.

While there have been many victories during the Member Resource Center pilot and grievances are ongoing, the victories below were won in just the last two weeks. The successful grievances were filed by ResCare workers from Vinton County (OH), Butler County (OH), and Cabell County (WV).

• A worker was disciplined outside of the 10 day window provided by the contact with ResCare. After contacting the Member Resource Center to file a grievance, the discipline was withdrawn and ResCare agreed instead to provide re-training. 
• A worker was not called for an overtime opportunity in violation of the contract. After filing a grievance with the Member Resource Center, the member was paid 8 hours of overtime to compensate for the failure to follow procedure. ResCare committed to honoring seniority in the future.
• After a worker earned holiday pay, their check was shortchanged. After calling the Member Resource Center and filing a grievance, the issue was settled within the month of December.  

If you believe your contract or rights are being violated at work, don’t hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center. The Member Resource Center is open every weekday from 8:30AM to 8PM. Your Member Resource Center has your back! 

Workers With Community Support Services Win Fair Insurance Rate

Health care workers with Community Support Services in Akron, Ohio, provide behavioral health care services to clients from across Northeast Ohio. Congratulations to the union members at this facility. Members with SEIU District 1199 at this facility recently bargained a fair insurance rate, which had been a continuing issue.

These workers brought a determined and unified approach to the negotiations. They also show the importance unity and standing together for fair wages, benefits, and workplace conditions. United we bargain, divided we beg!

Health Care Workers at Two Ohio Facilities Negotiate Extra Raise in Pay

State Tested Nurse Aides recently negotiated substantial pay increases at two health care facilities. The raises will make a difference to these employees and also increase retention and recruitment, which are important to quality care.

Congratulations to these workers who unified during negotiations: 

• At Circleville Center, a nursing home in Circleville, Ohio, workers negotiated an extra $1.00/hour raise for all new and current nurse aides. The new pay scale will begin on December 29th, 2017.
 At Galion Pointe, a nursing home in Galion, Ohio, STNA’s successfully negotiated an extra $1.50/hour raise for all new and current nurse aides. The new pay scale began on November 26th, 2017.

While workers at non-union facilities have no ability to negotiate a raise, bargaining efforts led by these unionized health care workers offered the chance to change the wage scale at their facilities. 

State of Ohio Workers Win Back Pay For Wrongfully Denied Overtime

Two State of Ohio employees who are members of SEIU District 1199 recently won back pay for wrongfully denied overtime. State workers are on the front lines of public safety, state programs, and critical services. The grievance process is an important right guaranteed by union membership and collective bargaining.

Employees with the State of Ohio Department of Health worked extra hours during an emergency related to opiate overdose kits. These employees worked extra hours to help notify citizens of potential danger with the kits. After working overtime, pay was denied. They then worked with their delegate to file a grievance and with labor law on their side, the employees were granted back pay for the overtime hours.

If you are a member of SEIU District 1199 and have an issue with your contract or violations of labor law at work, the Member Resource Center is open from 8:30AM to 8PM every Monday through Friday. You can reach the MRC by calling 877-419-7348. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

SEIU District 1199 Update: “Your Member Resource Center Has Your Back!”

Three months ago, SEIU District 1199 opened a Member Resource Center to enhance representation for all members of the Union. In this short time, the Member Resource Center has successfully handled a substantial volume of calls, inquiries, and requests for assistance.

mrc_footerRepresentatives with the MRC are standing by to assist members with everything from getting a copy of your contract to registering to vote or even to register for a Union event.  Efficiency and successful resolution of grievances is a top priority — 125 grievances have been opened and half of those have been resolved with many victories. The Member Resource Center offers added hours and is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM. 

The Member Resource Center is in a pilot-phase with full representation for workers with the following units: ResCare (Ohio), and ResCare (West Virginia), the Office of the Ohio Public Defender, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, the Ohio Department of Medicaid, and the Ohio Department of Public Safety. 

If you need assistance with an issue at work, do not hesitate to call the MRC at 877-419-7348.  “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

SEIU 1199 Ohio Healthcare Members Win Victories and Add to Strong List for 2017

SEIU District 1199 members at four Ohio health care facilities recently won victories that add to a strong list for the year.  In addition, wage re-openers, negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations, are ongoing across Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. These and other victories highlight the importance of collective bargaining and workplace unity.

Oak Grove Manor in Mansfield, Ohio, and Autumn Court in Ottawa, Ohio, recently held wage re-openers. The workers at these facilities mobilized and won 2% pay increases for the next two years. They also successfully negotiated improvements to the experience scale for State Tested Nurses Aides.

At New Lebanon Center in Lebanon, Ohio, a worker also contested a wrongful termination. The worker was fortunate to have a calm and determined Union co-worker at their side in first chair during the mediation. The outcome was an $8,000 settlement and the termination was changed to a resignation.

A worker with ResCare in Gallia County, Ohio, was put on administrative leave in October as a result of an unfounded allegation. Through the grievance process, the member is receiving back pay for all three days of administrative leave and having documentation of the incident removed from his file. This grievance was filed and won within just 24 days.

If you believe your contract or labor laws are being violated at your workplace, do not delay and contact the SEIU District 1199 Member Resource Center. The Member Resource Center is open from 8:30AM to 8PM every Monday through Friday. Your Member Resource Center has your back!

Reprimand Against State of Ohio Youth Services Worker Changed to Informal Discipline

Last week, a worker with the State of Ohio had a written reprimand dismissed. This recent case and others show the power of union members when they stand up for their rights.

After receiving a written reprimand, a State of Ohio Department of Youth Services worker contacted the SEIU District 1199 Member Resource Center. Working together with another member leader and an administrative organizer, the union member filed a grievance based on lack of “just cause.” As a result, the written reprimand was changed to a supervisory conference. The written reprimand would have stayed on file for two years but the supervisory conference is not a formal form of discipline.

If you believe your employer is violating labor law or your contact, contact the MRC at 877-419-7348 for assistance with starting the grievance process. Visit the page for the Member Resource Center to learn more.

Zepf Center Workers Win Campaign to Form a Union and Join SEIU District 1199

This week, workers at the Zepf Center in Toledo won their campaign to form a Union and join SEIU District 1199. Workplace morale and quality care were important factors in the Union drive. Employees at the Zepf Center provide critical behavioral health care services and serve individuals from across Lucas County.

Zepf Center
After a hard fought campaign to form a Union, over 60 workers in the Zepf Center’s Youth Services Division now have the ability to stand together and bargain a new contract. They join colleagues in the Adult Services Division and with COMPASS who are already members of SEIU District 1199.  

Frank Gibbs, a therapist, says that the workers at the Zepf Center have been “empowered for excellence.”  He continued that with this victory, the employees in his division have new unity that will help them improve workplace morale and quality care for those that they serve.  

Chardon Healthcare Center Worker Defeated Wrongful Termination

Recently, a State Tested Nurse’s Aide with Chardon Healthcare Center, took action with her union and won her job back. After being wrongfully terminated by her employer, the discipline was completely removed from her file.

She received full back pay, job reinstatement, lost benefits, and seniority. “I got my job back and my lost wages,” she said. After three months off, she also got back the ability to continue with the work she cares so much about.

These victories show the power of collective bargaining and the importance of standing together. If your rights are being violated at work or you face discipline or termination in violation of labor law or your contract, contact the Member Resource Center at 877-419-7348.

Congratulations Regina Macklin

Congratulations to Cincinnati State member, Regina Macklin. She was unjustly terminated and received her industrial justice. Arbitrator Passmore ruled that the College did not have just cause to terminate Ms. Macklin and ordered that she be returned to work and ordered that she be compensated for all lost monies and benefits. This is the third straight arbitration victory at Cincinnati State for unjustly terminated members and proves that when workers stick together and enforce the just cause provision of their contract, workers can win. Welcome back Regina and congratulations again!!!!

Supporting Documents:

Macklin Arbitration Award

SEIU 1199 Members at the Northwestern Healthcare Center Negotiate New Contract

SEIU 1199 members at Nortwestern Healthcare Center won a new contract with added benefits. “There is power in the Union,” a member on the bargaining committee said.

Northwestern Healthcare Center

The negotiations showed the importance of collective bargaining. The new contract includes raises, two additional holidays, and reduced mandation time. The workers on the bargaining committee worked hard to bargain a contract that would bring both fair pay and quality care for those they serve.

Mercedes Miller said about the negotiations that they “stuck to the issues that were most important.” Angela Jones continued that they were “adamant about their requests.” “There is power among the Union,” another worker on the bargaining committee concluded.

Springfield Regional Medical Center Worker Promoted After Arbitration Process

A worker at Springfield Regional Medical Center recently settled an arbitration with the hospital. As a result, an unjust discipline was removed. This allowed the worker to transfer to a higher paying certified pharmacy position.

If you believe your employer is violating your contract or labor law, contact SEIU District 1199’s Member Resource Center. Your Member Resource Center has your back! 

Ohio ResCare Workers Get More Favorable Outcome Through Mediation & Grievance

Three Rescare workers in Ohio were recently terminated and worked together with SEIU District 1199 and their administrative organizer to get a favorable resolution. Details on these grievances are included below.

• One worker was reinstated to her job with full seniority. * 
• Another worker received a $1,200 settlement, his termination was changed to a resignation, and he was awarded a mutual letter of recommendation from his employer.
• The third worker received a $1,650 settlement, the ability to resign, and an official letter of recommendation. 

If you face discipline in violation of your contract at work or if you believe your employer is violating labor law, contact the Member Resource Center for assistance with filing a grievance.  Your Member Resource Center has your back!

SEIU District 1199 Members at Burlington House Nursing Home Ratify Strong Contract

SEIU District 1199 members at Burlington House ratified what health care members on the bargaining committee say is a “great contract.” The Burlington House is a skilled-nursing facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The contract includes no concessions. Workers also won gains such as non-discrimination language for veterans, 30 minutes of paid union orientation, 30 days notice for successorship, 2 floating holidays, and an extended illness bank. The bargaining committee also successfully negotiated a 2% raise for 2017, 2% in 2018, and 1.5% in 2019.