Victory Reports

Recent victories relate to members enforcing contract language, protecting benefits during negotiations, securing back-pay, labor rights, successful grievances, standing united for living wages, and more.

Members also often stand together on behalf of the greater community and fellow co-workers. If you have a victory, email it here so it can be shared on this page. These victories and others show why union membership is so important.

ResCare Members and Union Stand Together on Contract Issues

SEIU District 1199 members with ResCare work hard to provide the best possible care. Members with ResCare in West Virginia and Ohio work with fellow members, shop leaders, and the Member Resource Center to ensure the contract is upheld and rights are protected.

Below are some of the most recent victories of ResCare members: 

Cabell County, West Virginia – A member put in a bid to work at a different site and followed procedure. While awaiting notification, which could take 4-8 weeks, the member learned the employer may have disregarded key parts of the contract and conducted hiring.  The member waited two months but within four days of reaching out to the Union, the issue was resolved.

Stark County, Ohio – A member was taken off of the schedule and also received a written warning for events related to a training. The member worked with the MRC and the discipline was reduced, the member aced the training, and he was also placed back on the schedule.

Gallia County, Ohio – A member received a discipline relating to mandation. The member joined together with the Union and it was shown that two other less senior employees accepted the assignment, which made the alleged violation moot. The discipline was then reversed and the member made whole.

The Member Resource Center is open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM and is available to assist members with contract and workplace issues. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

Members With Park Health Center Ratify New Contract

Members with the Park Health Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio, recently ratified a beneficial new contract agreement. The contract does not include any concessions and will help promote staff retention and quality care.

The contract includes the following provisions

• Annual Wage Increases – 2% in the first year, 2% in the second year, and 2% in the third year of the contract
• Training Bonus – Additional $50.00 bonus for training new employees.
• Attendance Bonus – $250 bonus for perfect attendance each quarter.
• Bargaining Unit – PRN employees are now a part of the bargaining unit but had previously been excluded. 
• Contract Language – Beneficial new language was added to the contract relating to the Member Resource Center.

Members with this facility stayed united to bargain the agreement. The new contract was ratified unanimously. We are stronger together.

Members With Arbors of Pomeroy Defend Contract and Negotiate Wage Increases

Members of SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH with the Arbors of Pomeroy recently negotiated a new 3-year contract. Negotiations started with proposed concessions, included loss of a week of PTO for workers with 20+ years of service, loss of Martin Luther King Day as PTO, and loss of a paid floating holiday. 

The Arbors of Pomeroy is a long-term care facility in Pomeroy, Ohio. Members successfully pushed back on the concessions and negotiated wage increases.

The new contract includes the following provisions:

• Wage Increases – 2.5% in the First Year, 2.5% in the Second Year, and 1.25% in the Third Year (prior to the contract re-opening mid-year).
• Wage Scale – The members negotiated an updated wage scale with immediate additional wage increases.
• Concessions – Defeated loss of MLK Jr. Day as PTO, defeated loss of 1 week of PTO for employees with 20+ years of service, and defeated loss of paid floating holiday.
• Contract Language – Negotiated language needed to strengthen the contract.

Members on the negotiating committee stayed together and were very attuned to the needs of the bargaining unit as a whole. We are stronger together. 

Dedicated Union Members With State of Ohio Work & Stand Together

State of Ohio members have been standing together to win favorable outcomes. These members with the State of Ohio bring a great deal of dedication to their work on behalf of the public. Below are some of the recent victories:

Ohio Department of Health – A member worked together with a delegate to file a class action grievance. This member and fellow co-workers are in a position important to the provision quality care and have been pushing for additional staffing and mandation reform. The member identified an issue with staffing and successfully took action with the support of fellow members to make an important improvement.  

Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities – A member interviewed for an internal position but had to use several hours of PTO time to participate. After the process concluded, the agency clarified that PTO time was not needed for future internal interviews but the decision was not retroactive. After taking formal action, half of the PTO time used for the process was returned to the member.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction – A member with many years of experience with the State of Ohio received a work reprimand over a workplace issue. To the surprise of the worker, he was later disciplined again for the same incident. Working together with his shop delegate, the member showed that the issue had already been addressed with the original discipline and the secondary action was overturned.

Ohio Department of Veterans Services – A member was improperly denied an overtime opportunity. The member worked with the shop delegate to file a grievance and was credited with 4 hours of time.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction – After a member recently retired, ODRC posted the vacant position but at several ranges lower. The agency was obligated to advertise the position at the same class level. To defend the contract, the shop delegate filed a grievance and the position was re-posted at a facility nearby, an outcome that worked for both parties.

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services – A member volunteered for overtime on a day off but was then mandated. Rules state that mandation is not allowed when working overtime on an off day. As a remedy, after taking action, the member was skipped for her next mandation.

In addition to these victories listed, many other workers are standing together as members to achieve favorable outcomes for themselves, their co-workers, and their departments. The Member Resource Center is now open from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM each weekday to assist members and shop leaders who need assistance. These victories and others continue to show the power of unity. We are stronger together.

Medical Assistants at St. Vincent Charity Hospital Join SEIU District 1199

Medical assistants at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland recently voted to join SEIU District 1199. Like the other members at the hospital, these health care workers care deeply about the mission of St. Vincent and joined SEIU District 1199 to have an increased voice at work. 

Congratulations to these workers and welcome to SEIU District 1199. If you are interested in forming a union at your workplace, visit our page on joining our union. We are stronger together. 

Overbrook Rehabilitation and Cumberland Pointe Members Negotiate Wage Increases

Members at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center this month ratified a new contract, which includes significant raises. This facility recently received a perfect rating in the area of quality measures and workers at Overbrook work hard to provide the best possible care. 

Members at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center in Middleport, Ohio, negotiated the following raises:

• Starting Wage Increase – It was negotiated that the starting wage will increase for STNA’s from $8.50 an hour to $9.30 an hour.
• Annual Wage Increases – Members will receive a raise of $0.40 in the 1st year, $0.25 in the 2nd year, and 2.5% in the 3rd year of the contract. 
• Experience Wage Increase – In addition to the starting wage increase and annual increases, members will receive up to a $0.50 raise for past experience. 

At  Cumberland Pointe in St. Clairsville, Ohio, members also negotiated new wage increases, including a significant quarterly attendance bonus: 

• Annual Wage Increases – 2% wage increases for each year of the contract. 
• Attendance Bonus – In addition to annual 2% wage increases for the next 3 years, members with perfect attendance each quarter will receive a $400 bonus.
• PRN Members – Workers who are PRN will be included in the bargaining unit
• Shift Differential – An increase in the midnight shift differential. 

The contracts at both facilities also include new language that will help resolve grievances and benefit the membership. We are stronger together. 

Members at Carter Nursing & Rehabilitation Ratify New Contract

Workers with Carter Nursing and Rehabilitation in Grayson, Kentucky, recently stood together to bargain a new contract. Dedicated members with this facility work hard each day to provide the best possible care.

The contract includes the following new provisions:

• Wages – Increased shift bonus, increased mandation bonus, increased weekend differential, annual wage increases for the next three years, increased volunteer shift bonus, and a new longevity bonus.
• Bereavement Leave – Coverage under the contract was increased in this area. 
• Contract Language – Improvements in contract language were added in the areas of grievances/arbitrations, union security, and anti-discrimination.

In addition to these improvements, workers at this facility worked together to ensure that they would be able to keep their current insurance benefits and paid lunch time.

Congratulations to these members on the new contract. We are stronger together.

Abbyshire Place Members Unify to Reach New Contract Agreement

Union members with Abbyshire Place in Bidwell, Ohio, recently signed a new contract with a number of beneficial new terms. The members stayed unified through the negotiations and worked out an agreement with management that will boost retention and maintain quality care. 

The new contract was ratified with a unanimous vote of the membership. It contains the following provisions: 

• Wage Increases – 2% / 2% / 1.5% for the first, second, and third years of the contract. Additionally, employees with 15 years of service or more will receive higher raises of 3% / 3% / 2.5%. 
 Longevity Bonus Scale – A new longevity bonus scale was added, which will provide additional increases for employees who have between 5 and 30 years of service. 
• Mandation Bonus – A new $20 mandation bonus will now be provided and was formalized with the contract. 
 Certification – Activity aides will now be state tested with certification paid for by the facility and wages paid during related course time. 
• Leave Time – Additional coverage was added in the area of bereavement leave. 
• Mandatory Rescheduling – The rescheduling process will now take into account seniority.

Beneficial language was also added which will help enable enhanced representation through the Member Resource Center at a later date. We are stronger together. 

ResCare Members in Ohio and West Virginia Stand United on Workplace Issues

SEIU District 1199 members with ResCare work each day to provide the best possible care. Union ResCare members continue to successfully join together with coworkers and as a union to achieve beneficial outcomes. 

Lucas County (OH): A ResCare member in Lucas County was not being paid full earnings for her job duties. Within a month of taking action with the union, the worker received acknowledgement that she had been paid the lower amount in error and retroactive pay was issued.

Stark County (OH): A dedicated member with ResCare in Stark County had left her position but was later re-hired. The member was then paid at the previous rate of pay, which was not in line with current wages. After months of trying to resolve the issue, the member contacted the union. The member’s pay rate was updated and she also received retroactive pay totaling approximately $1,000.

Lorain County (OH): A member with ResCare in Lorain County was promoted but did not receive a related pay increase. Taking action with the union, the members pay was adjusted and over $350 in retroactive pay was issued.

Wood County (WV): A member with ResCare in Wood County did not receive a 1% raise that had been negotiated by the union. The member worked with the union and received both the raise and retroactive pay.

Greenbrier County (WV): A member was due two raises but did not receive an increase. After joining up with the union to seek resolution, the issue was fixed and retroactive pay was provided within 30 days.

Lorain County (OH): A mix-up with a vendor that provided background checks almost led to a job loss. Before contacting the union, the worker was taken off of the schedule and at-risk of losing her job. Working with the union, the issue was quickly resolved.

Belmont County (OH): A member in Belmont County was injured and had to take leave for recovery after a surgery. After returning to work, the member was charged fees for insurance she did not receive and her coverage continued to lapse. After working with the union, health insurance was issued and fees reimbursed.

Wood County (WV): A exemplary employee and member with ResCare was accused of failing to document the provision of over-the-counter medication. The employee told ResCare that he was not at work on the day of the incident to no avail. Working with the union, the employee was able to prove that he was not responsible and the reprimand was withdrawn.

These members continue to show the strength of unity and working together as a union. We are stronger together.

Members at Hickory Creek of Athens Negotiate Contract to Build on Protections and Benefits

Members of SEIU District 1199 with Hickory Creek of Athens recently bargained a new contract that makes important improvements. Workers at this facility in The Plains, Ohio, worked together to negotiate a contract that builds on existing protections, wages, and benefits.

The contract includes the following new provisions:

• Paid Holidays: Workers at this facility successfully worked together to request that Martin Luther King Jr. Day be honored as a paid holiday.
• New Member Orientation: A 30 minute paid union orientation will now be included in the contract. This provision is important to ensuring a strong chapter.
• Wages: Experience scales at this facility were updated. Members will also receive 2% raises for each of the next three years. Additionally, if the facility receives a zero-deficiency inspection report, members will receive an additional raise.
• Grievance Language: Contract language was updated in this area, which will bolster the ability of members to stand up for their rights under the contract.

Congratulations to these members on the new contract. We are stronger together.

Meadow Gardens Members in Rainelle (WV) Beat Concessions and Win Improvements

SEIU District 1199 members with Meadow Gardens recently ratified a new contract. Meadow Gardens is a nursing care facility owned by Stonerise Healthcare in Rainelle, West Virginia.

Bargaining with Stonerise Healthcare started with requests for concessions. Hard working members at this facility negotiated as a team and stayed strong together.

The contract includes the following provisions: 

• Health Care. Management originally requested health care cost increases. Members fought off increases and won improvements. New employees are now covered in the same month that they start working. Life insurance is increasing from a $50,000 maximum to a $150,000 maximum.
• Starting Wage Increase. Members successfully negotiated for the STNA starting wage to increase by $0.50 an hour. This will also mean a pay increase for several members already working at the facility. 
• Annual Wage Increases. Management did not want to give a substantive wage increase. Members will receive raises more significant than management’s proposal.
• Bereavement Leave. Nieces and nephews are now included in contract language for bereavement leave at the facility.
• Grievance Language. Members successfully negotiated improved grievance language that will help protect the contract.

Members at Galion Pointe Ratify Contract to Bolster Quality Care, Wages, and Benefits

Members at Galion Pointe recently unified to negotiate a new contract. Dedicated workers at this facility in Galion, Ohio, care for short-term rehabilitation and long-term residents.

Members at Galion Pointe stayed united through negotiations and worked out a new contract to bolster quality care, wages, and benefits. The 3-year contract includes the following provisions:

• Wages: The contract includes 2% annual wage increases for each of the next three years. Members will also receive a bonus and 2 new free uniforms. 
• Educational Benefit (STNA): The facility will pay for employees to become STNA certified. While the employee takes the certification course, the employer will pay the member’s standard wages. Additionally, the facility will pay for the cost of the certification course and exam.
• Education Benefit (RN/LPN): The employer will now pay $2,000 a year for courses to become an LPN/RN. Under this provision, a check will be made out each semester to help cover books and tuition.
• Bereavement Leave: Members will now have additional coverage in the event of the loss of an aunt, uncle, or significant other.
• Member Resource Center: New language was added that will enable the Member Resource Center to provide enhanced representation to members. 
• Union Orientation: At this facility, there will now be a 20 minute paid union orientation for new members. This helps ensure the unity and strength of the membership at Galion Pointe.
• Holidays: New language was added that will boost flexibility for paid holidays.

Congratulations to these members at Galion Pointe. We are stronger together. 

Workers at Cambridge Place Assisted Living in Ohio Vote to Join SEIU District 1199

SEIU 3On May 11th, workers at Cambridge Place, an assisted living center in Cambridge, Ohio, voted by a substantial margin to join SEIU District 1199. Workers at this facility voted for a greater voice in their workplace and will now work together to negotiate their first contract.

Employees at Cambridge Place work hard each day to provide the best possible care for residents. Congratulations to the workers at Cambridge Place who stood united during the campaign and welcome to SEIU District 11199. 

We are stronger together. If you are interested in joining SEIU District 1199, contact us here

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center Members in Cleveland Unite to Ratify New Contract

SEIU District 1199 members with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland have ratified a new 3-year contract. Dedicated employees with St. Vincent work tirelessly on behalf of patients from across Cleveland and beyond. 

stv2Members at St. Vincent worked together to negotiate the following:

• Wages. The workers at the hospital will receive 2% raises for all three years of the contract.
• Shift Differential. The contract includes shift differential increases for the 2nd and 3rd shift. The contract also includes an increase in preceptor pay. 
• Professional Training. Workers at the hospital will be eligible for training reimbursement for certification costs.
• On-Call Premium. An on-call pay premium was added to the contract. 
• 12 Hour Shifts. Under the new contract, employees working 12-hour shifts will no longer be required to work 3 consecutive days. 
• Workplace Protections. Non-discrimination language was added for union membership, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
• Bereavement Leave. Workers can now receive bereavement leave after the loss of a brother in-law or sister in-law.
• Helping Fellow Co-Workers. Vacation donation language was added to the contract so that the members at the hospital can donate vacation time to an employee on FMLA leave who has expended all sick and vacation time. 
• Member Resource Center. The contract includes beneficial new contract language relating to the Member Resource Center.

The workers at the hospital unified to negotiate a strong contract with fair wages that will preserve quality care. Their efforts show that from their work at the hospital to the bargaining table, we are truly stronger together. 

ResCare Members Are United for Good Jobs & Quality Care

ResCare members work diligently each day with their consumers and stand united for good jobs and quality care. Some of the recent outcomes achieved by ResCare members standing together are detailed below. 

Greenbrier County
(WV): A member with ResCare was terminated from her position. She reached out to the union and was concerned that the employer did not have “just cause,” which was required under the contract. After the employee worked together with the Union, the employer reinstated the worker with her seniority, pay, and benefits.

Wood County
(WV): A member with ResCare was taken off of her shift from 8AM to 8PM and placed on an alternate shift. The employer maintained that the issue was a “clerical error” but offered no remedy. She worked with the union to continue to advance the issue and was finally assigned to her shift at a new worksite.

Lorain County
(OH) – A member with ResCare was suddenly pulled from the schedule after her employer claimed she had not completed a background check. She joined with her Union to work through the issue and provided documentation of her background check. With the Union’s support, the outcome was successful and the member was returned to work with back pay.

Montgomery County
(OH) – A member with ResCare had earned a $1 raise after being promoted to lead status. However, after starting in the new role, the raise was not processed. The member worked successfully with the union and was issued the raise and back pay.

Wood County
(WV): A member with ResCare reached out to the union after being denied a higher rate of pay for work at a more demanding location. The member had not made progress with the issue on their own but working with the Union, it was quickly resolved.

If you believe your contract or rights at work are being violated, do not hesitate to contact your Member Resource Center. Representatives with the Member Resource Center are available from 8:30AM to 8PM every Monday through Friday. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

Union Members With Premier Estates of Cincinnati-Riverside Negotiate Contract

Members with Premier Estates of Cincinnati-Riverside work each day to provide the best care possible for facility residents. The Union members at the facility recently bargained a new contract that preserves pay and benefits, with important improvements. 

The new contract includes an improved grievance procedure, new Member Resource Center language, and a gender identity clause prohibiting discrimination. Members successfully united to preserve Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday. Finally, the three-year contract mandates annual wage increases.

SEIU District 1199 Members at The Brier Unify and Ratify Strong Contract

Health care workers at The Brier, a long-term care facility in Ronceverte, West Virginia, work diligently to provide quality care to residents. This week, they ratified a new contract, that will provide additional benefits and help ensure a strong workforce at their facility. 

Among the highlights, the workers unified during negotiations to successfully stand together against all concessions. Additionally, they negotiated the following: 

 Vacation Time: SEIU District 1199 members at the facility now have the ability to sell back vacation time when they have accrued time over 40 hours. 
• Union Orientation: Better union orientation provisions were negotiated. Union orientation is important for welcoming new union members and staying unified as a chapter. 
• Holiday Pay: Workers at the facility will now receive time and 1/4 for hours worked on holidays.  
• Wage Increase: The workers at the facility successfully negotiated annual wage increases. 

These new provisions in the contract, compliment the benefits and protections secured by members during past negotiations. We are stronger together!

SEIU District 1199 Member With Cleveland Area Health Care Employer Wins Back Job

Recently, a dedicated employee in the Cleveland-area was placed on unpaid leave. He reached out to his Union and multiple issues were discovered with the way the issue was approached by the employer.

Working together, the Union helped the employee show that the facility failed to follow the procedure outlined by the contract, give notification, and properly review the issue. Ultimately, the employer agreed to waive the dispute and pay all back pay and benefits for lost time.

About the incident, the worker said, “I cannot thank you enough. Without you, I would still be off work without pay. I didn’t know anything about the Union before now but from now on, I will tell all my co-workers how the Union has our back.”

If you believe labor law or your contract are being violated at work, do not hesitate to call the Member Resource Center. The MRC is open from 8:30AM to 8:00PM every Monday through Friday. “Your MRC has your back!”

ResCare Union Members of SEIU District 1199 Stand United

Members of SEIU District 1199 who work for ResCare in Ohio and West Virginia provide vital health care services. The Member Resource Center has worked with ResCare members to win many victories since the start of the year. These victories and others show the power of unity and standing together.

Some recent ResCare victories from Hampshire County (WV), Raleigh County (WV), Harrison County (WV), Wood County (WV), Gallia County (OH), Lorain County (OH), Washington County (OH), and Franklin County (OH),  are listed below:

ResCare Lorain County (OH): Workers at a ResCare in Lorain County (pictured below) had been promoted to lead status before their company was acquired by ResCare three years ago. These members of SEIU District 1199 joined together and contacted the union after management appeared to stop recognizing their lead status. It was also discovered that these workers were being underpaid according to their job title. After taking action together, they have received the proper recognition and rate of pay.

ResCare Leads
ResCare Hampshire County (WV): At the end of 2017, a worker’s paycheck was missing $200. The problem continued with another inaccurate check. While she notified management, the issue was not fixed until working together with her union. After teaming up with the union, the miscalculation in her wage and the money owed were both resolved. 

Raleigh County (WV): A member was improperly denied a wage increase. Standing together with her union, the worker appealed to the employer. Within five days, the rate of pay was amended. The worker also received a manual check within just two days.

Raleigh County (WV): Schedules were not being posted two weeks in advance as the contract mandated. The lack of a schedule had caused issues for the union members who need reliable notice of shifts. Having a union, the workers had the power to enforce the contract they had bargained.

ResCare Gallia County (OH): After leaving her shop for a month for surgery, a member found that her job was being posted and she could lose her specific position and shift. Working with the union, the position was left open for her to return to after she had recovered. 

Washington County (OH): A dedicated member was not paid for hours that stretched over an 11 day period. The employer released the missing pay after a full hearing with the worker who was backed by the union. 

Franklin County (OH): A member was improperly denied over $600 in mileage reimbursements. The member contacted the union who called for a quick meeting with management. Standing together, the outcome was successful.

Wood County (WV): A member was due a raise on their anniversary but the raise never came. Joining together with the union, the member was able to get both the raise and retroactive pay. 

If you  believe your employer is violating your contract or labor law, contact the SEIU District 1199 Member Resource Center. The MRC is open from 8:30 AM to 8PM every Monday through Friday. “Your Member Resource Center has your back!”

SEIU District 1199 Members at the Putnam County Aging Program Reach New Contract

The Putnam County Aging Program offers vital services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. The agency serves Putnam County, West Virginia, in addition to the surrounding area. Dedicated staff with the agency recently unified in negotiations and reached a strong new contract agreement.

In addition to enhanced language, the new three year contract includes:

• Annual wage increases. 
• Additional bereavement leave.
• 4 new paid holidays.
• Time and a half pay for holidays worked.
• 1 hour of paid union orientation.
• 1 hour of paid grievance investigation time. 

Congratulations to these workers who stood together to bargain a new contract agreement. Thank you also for the important work you do each day.