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SEIU District 1199’s State division represents nearly 4,000 workers in 18 different agencies.  These state agencies include the Ohio Board of Nursing, the Ohio Department of Aging, the Ohio Department of Development, the Ohio Department of Youth Services, The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Ohio Medical Board, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Ohio Pharmacy Board, the Ohio School for the Blind, the Ohio School for the Deaf, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, the Ohio Veterans Home, the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

2012-2015 State of Ohio Collective Bargaining AgreementState of Ohio APC Minutes

APA Victory Announcements

  • A member of SEIU District 1199 and employee of the APA filed a grievance for the unjust termination of his employment. We are happy to announce that the member settled the grievance and has returned to work with full back pay.
  • Another member and employee of the APA was wrongly placed on disability. The member filed a grievance and has been awarded a percentage of leave time, which was used during her time off work.

APC Minutes

Shared Services Recommendations

Sisters and Brothers of ODRC and ODYS chapters of SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH,

As you know the state has retained an outside organization to explore the feasibility of a merger of DYS and DRC. The initial process has been completed with the identified areas being included in the following document at the link below. The Office of Collective Bargaining and your representatives participated in a conference call yesterday to hear these initial areas of focus and to share our concerns and thoughts. The attached memos were shared today and we wanted to insure that our members are being kept updated with the latest information.

We indicated several areas of initial concern and also notified OCB of our interest in having members of 1199 participate in these workgroups to determine further feasibility and potential pitfalls.

We have continually been reassured that it is not a fore drawn conclusion that these agencies will merge, that they are identifying areas of overlap and places where shared services make sense. The workgroups will do additional  examination and research in to making further determinations about feasibility moving forward.

Please let us know if you would be interested in participating in any of the work groups.

We will continue to monitor this closely and share any new information as it becomes available.

As always, if anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to your administrative organizer.


Attachment: shared service recommendations 020817


In Solidarity,


Josh Norris

Public Division Director

SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH


Shared Services Website Now Available

Sisters and Brothers of the State of Ohio Chapter of SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH,

The attached letter was sent from Directors Reed and Mohr today and we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the project. DAS has assured SEIU that this is a preliminary look at possibilities and that no decisions have been made at this time. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as this process continues and as always feel free to contact your delegate or Administrative Organizer with any questions or concerns.

Attachment: 1-18-17 Memo from DYS DRC Directors


In Solidarity,


Josh Norris

Public Division Director

SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH


SEIU/1199 & ODM APC 12/06/16

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APC Minutes December 2016

SEIU/1199 & ODM APC 09/29/16

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APC Minutes September 2016

State Medical Director Resigns from Ohio Health Department Leaving Kasich Crony with No Medical Degree In Charge

In 2014 Governor John Kasich appointed close friend Rick Hodges to lead the Department of Health. By law, the state health director must have a degree as a doctor of medicine or have extensive experience in public health administration.

Having served previously as Kasich’s director for the Ohio Turnpike Commission, Hodges has no required experience for the job. After a public outcry, Hodges altered his resume to include some health-related professional experience and the Kasich administration created a new position of “Medical Director.” Kasich appointed Dr. Mary DiOrio, who is appropriately experienced and qualified to lead the state in a public health crisis.

However, as of Jan 1, 2017, Dr. DiOrio resigned her position and once again, an unqualified good ole’ boy from Kasich’s inner circle leads the health department.

Medical Director Resigns From Ohio Department Of Health

Reminder to spend your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds by Dec. 31

DAS Office of Benefits With 2016 coming to an end, participants in 2016 Health Care (HCSA) or Dependent Care Spending Accounts (DCSA) are reminded that Dec. 31 is the last day to spend funds in these accounts.

While the State of Ohio has opted to allow participants to roll over a minimum of $50 and up to $500 of their 2016 HCSA to 2017, any amount less than $50 and over $500 will be subject to forfeiture as will any amount remaining in a Dependent Care Spending Account.

For more information regarding allowable expenses, please visit:

Tuition Reimbursement Fund Update

As of October 29, 2016 the balances are as follows:

Used:        $292,843.76
Available:    $257,156.24

SEIU/1199 & ODH APC Meeting 09-20-16

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SEIU 1199/ODH APC Meeting 09/20/16

SEIU 1199/ODJFS APC Meeting 09/22/16

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SEIU 1199/ODJFS APC Meeting 09/22/16

2016 SEIU 1199 Scholarship Winners



2016 SEIU 1199 Scholarship Winners – Kentucky

Carter Nursing Home


Heather Quesinberry, daughter of Carter Member GILBERT QUESINBERRY

is the winner of a scholarship !


2016 SEIU 1199 Scholarship Winners – West Virginia

Cabell Huntington Hospital

Megan Keith, daughter of CHH Member CYNTHIA KEITH is the winner of a scholarship !

Kristen Smith, daughter of CHH Member YVONNE BROOKS is the winner of a scholarship !


Central West Virginia Community Action Council

Kitric Moore, daughter of CWVCAC Member SHAWNA MOORE is the winner of a scholarship !



JOAD HUMPHRIES  is the winner of a scholarship !



2016 SEIU 1199 Scholarship Winners – Ohio

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Mar-Cel English, son of CMSD Member SABRINA ENGLISH is the winner of a scholarship !

Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Najeeb Hopkins, son of CCBDD Member TRACI DICKERSON is the winner of a scholarship !

Cuyahoga County Public Library

Cassidy Rodano, daughter of CCPL Member STEVEN RODANO  is the winner of a scholarship !

Northside Hospital

Northside Member JODYLYNN ROLLA is the winner of a scholarship !

Ohio State – Adult Parole Authority

Haylee Dunahay, daughter of OS – APA Member ELIZABETH DUNAHAY is the winner of a scholarship !

Ohio State  – DODD

Travis Brunton, son of OS – DODD Member Kay Treanor is the winner of a scholarship

Ohio State – Department of Jobs and Family Services

Timothy Jasper, son of OS –ODJFS Member ROBYN JASPER is the winner of a scholarship !

Ohio State – Department of Mental Health

Simran Gill, daughter of OS – DMH Member GURMEET GILL  is the winner of a scholarship !

Ohio State – Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

OS –DRC Member ODYNOLA GBENRO-AJIBADE is the winner of a scholarship !

Shaylee Hoey, daughter of OS –DRC Member SHANA HOEY is the winner of a scholarship !

OS –DRC Member CATHERINE JAMES  is the winner of a scholarship !

Park Vista

Park Vista Member EUGENIA ELLIS is the winner of a scholarship !


Rescue Member MICHELLE SHELTON is the winner of a scholarship !

Springfield Regional Medical Center

Eugene Hopper, son of SRMC Member TRACY HOPPER is the winner of a scholarship !

Austin Reese, son of SRMC Member SHERI REESE is the winner of a scholarship !

Stark County District Library

Jessica Herstine, daughter of SCDL Member LYNNE HERSTINE is the winner of a scholarship !

Valley Care Labs

Stacia Czifra, daughter of Valley Care Labs Member EVELYN CZIFRA  is the winner of a scholarship !


William McMeekan, son of Zepf  Member MARY BETH WATKEYS is the winner of a scholarship !

Flexible Spending Accounts Open Enrollment: Oct. 17-28






Source: DAS Office of Benefits Administration Services
Modified: 09/26/2016  4:40PM
The Open Enrollment period for 2017 Flexible Spending Accounts will be held from Oct. 17 through 28.
The State of Ohio offers two types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to permanent employees. These are voluntary pre-tax accounts established by the IRS to pay for eligible expenses. The Dependent Care Spending Account (DCSA) assists in paying for daycare services so that employees can go to work, while the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) can be used to pay for medical expenses not paid for by medical, dental and/or vision insurance.
For more information, visit:

SEIU 1199/BWC APC Meeting 09/13/16

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SEIU 1199/BWC APC Meeting 09/03/16

Senate Bill 329: Dangerous, Unnecessary and Ineffective


SB 329 would effectively allow for the dissolution of state government departments, potentially throwing thousands out of work and open the door to privatization, while threatening the effective continuation of public services and programs that provide for the state’s economic vitality and competitiveness.


Under the bill, departments must make an affirmative case every four years to justify their continued existence, through time and resource intensive process. Agencies would be required to review and report on the legal justification of rules and procedures, potential for privatization, conduct a multi-year analysis of cost effectiveness and benchmark all regulations against other states.



  • The extensive reviews mandated by Departments every four years would be time and resource intensive, and duplicates reviews already performed by the Auditor of State, JCARR and the Governor’s Common Sense Initiative Office.
  • Nothing in the legislation would actually eliminate burdensome rules or regulations, it merely provides for the elimination of Departments currently empowered to oversee them.
  • Without an affirmative act of the legislature to keep departments open, state rules, licenses and contracts would remain in effect, raising significant questions about how the executive branch could continue to carry out its obligations under Ohio law. The bill permits, but does not require the legislature to transfer these obligations to other departments.



  • Many programs that Ohioans rely on, including vital education, public safety and other essential services would be put at risk, with no provisions to ensure these functions continue after closure of a cabinet department.
  • The legislation’s emphasis on reducing regulation and promotion of private contractors could put the health, safety and welfare at risk.
  • The bill makes no provision for how the essential functions of government would be carried out if a department is not renewed.
  • By closing departments that carry out essential functions, the proposal could put Ohio into conflict with federal requirements, and may violate parts of the state Constitution, such as the obligation to establish and maintain a workers’ compensation program
  • By forcing the review of 25 cabinet agencies every four years, the legislation could consume much of the legislature’s oversight capacity and put essential services at the mercy of an already slow legislative process.


Unnecessary and Ineffective

  • The arguments in favor of the proposal (to review, modernize, and eliminate unnecessary regulation) are all currently served by existing functions of the general assembly;
  • Meanwhile, the claim that unneeded or overly technical licensing law creates a burden is not served by the legislation which would not eliminate any rules or licenses either in SB 329 or through the expiration of statutes creating Departments.


Conservative Wish List

  • Privatization. In absence of eliminated government departments and staff, executive would have little option other than to employ private contractors to carry out essential health and safety functions (police, fire, etc).
  • Elimination of public sector employers. Potential removal of departments as major employers in the state
  • Deregulation. Departmental review emphasizes market-based solutions, such as private credentialing, wherever possible as an alternative to state regulation and licensing
  • Part of a Conservative Playbook. Similar measures have been proposed by right-wing lawmakers in a number of states and in Congress.


Tilts the Balance of Power to One Party, Branch of Government

  • Empowers the legislative branch by eliminating a future check on its authority by the executive branch; the bill’s automated future elimination of departments by the failure of the legislature to act would provide no opportunity for the executive to exercise its veto authority
  • Empowers the majority party to appoint members of standing committees, postpone reviews, and, ultimately, to continue operation of a government department without bipartisan support
  • Protects today’s and future legislators from blame by eliminating departments automatically, without an affirmative act of lawmakers required

Call 1-800-282-0253 to ask your State Representative to oppose Senate Bill 329.

Ohio Senators plan to reduce and possibly privatize state agencies; set expiration dates for all state departments.

Ohio Senators plan to reduce and possibly privatize state agencies; set expiration dates for all state departments.

On Friday, the Ohio Senate announced plans to fast-track Senate Bill 329, a bill that would require the legislature to periodically review state departments and boards on their usefulness, performance, and effectiveness by a certain date. During this review, the state department or board, along with testimony from the public, must demonstrate a public need for its continued existence. If they do not succeed, they may be abolished.
While the review calls on state agencies to report on meaningful information like its goals and objectives, budget and sources of funding, and total number of staff, it also calls on the legislature to examine the following questions:
  • whether or not private contractors could be used, in an effective and efficient manner, either to assist the department or board in the performance of its duties or to perform these duties instead of the department or board
  • whether or not the public could be protected or serves in an alternate or less restrictive manner
  • whether or not the operation of the department or board has inhibited economic growth, reduced efficiency, or increased the cost of governments
  • the extent to which the department or board has permitted qualified applicants to serve the public
  • In the case of a department or board issuing a license to practice a trade or profession-the extent to which the objective od licensing may be achieved through market forces, private or industry certification and accreditation programs, or enforcement of other existing laws
The committees responsible for the review of each department must issue a report of its findings and recommendations for the department or board. These recommendations can include amendments that change or repeal all the laws that created and empowered the department or board, enact new statutes, terminate the department, transfer the department or board, or improve it’s usefulness, performance, or effectiveness.
A department or board may be renewed only by passing a bill through both chambers of the legislature that continues the statutes that created and empowered the department. If a department or board is not renewed, the board must wind up operations during a two year period before it’s expiration date and suspend all operation upon that date.
Senate Bill 329 was brought forward by Senate President Keith Faber (R-Celina) and Senator Kris Jordan (R-Delaware). It received one hearing on the last day of session before summer break but will receive two committee hearings and possibly be voted on the Senate floor this week.
Call Senate President Faber and Senator Jordan and tell them Senate Bill 329 is dangerous for Ohio.
Senate President Faber: 614-466-7584
Senator Kris Jordan: 614-466-8086

DODD Layoff Announcement

Sisters and Brothers of the State of Ohio Chapter of SEIU District 1199, Department of Developmental Disabilities,

We have received notice of layoff and the attached layoff rationale for The Gallipolis Developmental Center. Kristie Branch attended the layoff announcement meeting and from the initial rationale it would appear that the impact will be to 2 1199 nurses. We will continue to keep you informed with any new information as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kristie Branch( at your convenience.

APC – The Ohio Department of Health Minutes for 7-11-16

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ODH Surveyor APC Minutes 7 11 16 edited


October 21st – 22nd | Crowne Plaza, 600 Metro Place North, Dublin, Ohio 43017

Who can attend? All Executive Board Members, Delegates, Organizing Chairs, PAC Chairs, Grievance Chairs, New Member Orientation Chairs & County Moderators who have been properly elected by August 1st, 2016. Member leaders will not be able to bring additional guests due to limited space and sleeping rooms.

How do I register? Registration forms will be mailed to all eligible leaders the week of September 12th and the deadline to register will be October 7th.

When is the Executive Board Meeting? The SEIU District 1199 WV/KY/OH Executive Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 20th – the day before the 2016 Leadership Assembly at the same location.

ODH APC Minutes

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ODH Surveyor APC Minutes 7 11 16

SEIU 1199 APC Minutes 6-14-16