Burlington House Members Stand Together to Negotiate New Contract With Improved Wages and Staffing

This week, members with Burlington House Rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s Center, a long-term care facility in Cincinnati, joined together in union to ratify a new 5 year contract agreement. No matter where we come from, we work hard for our families. Members with Burlington House took action together to reach this agreement, which will lift wages and help ensure quality care.

The contract provides for a number of improvements that range from staffing and safety to wages. This no-concessions contract includes the following terms:

• Paid Time Off (PTO). A new PTO scale recognizes the number of years that dedicated members have worked at the facility. With the new scale, most members will receive 2-4 additional PTO days each year.
• Annual Wage Increases. Members of the bargaining unit will receive annual wage increases that range from 2.5% to 3% during the first three years of the agreement. The contract will then re-open for further negotiations.
• Improved Start Rates. New start rates will lift wages for maintenance workers, cooks, and nurse aides. The start rate for State Tested Nurse Aides (STNAs) will now increase to $13 an hour. STNA’s below this level will be brought up to the new rate.
• Health and safety. The new contract includes health and safety language in the area of staffing, which is an important priority for members at this facility and others. 
• Improved Contract Language. New language included in the agreement will help provide representation through the Member Resource Center.

Congratulations to the bargaining committee and all members with Burlington House. We are stronger together. 

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