As Workers Struggle, Lack of Quorum Delays Wood County Board of Health Management Pay Increase Vote

WOOD COUNTY, OHIO – Nearly nine months after voting to give a pay raise to its management staff, the Wood County Board of Health attempted to vote yesterday on yet another increase for bosses.

At yesterday’s board meeting, a lack of quorum was the only thing that prevented commissioners from voting on an additional 2% raise for management. The vote comes as bargaining unit employees face an array of issues, including short staffing.

In November of 2012, the Board of Commissioners voted to give an average of $1,100 to every member of the Board of Health management staff and a 17% pay increase to Board of Health Director Pam Butler. At the same time, bargaining unit workers at the Board of Health fought, in good faith, for an approximate $0.40 wage increase.

“This is abuse of taxpayer money,” said Danie Tarrow, Administrative Organizer for the Service Employees International Union, District 1199. “Voters passed a levy to help fund the services our community relies on – not to pad the paychecks of administrators and management staff.”

“The citizens of Wood County keep a watchful eye on the Board of Health and demand that commissioners table this unnecessary, tax-payer funded wage increase,” continued Tarrow. “How can services to the community be delivered effectively when workers are short-staffed and management gets rich at the expense of all of us?”

The Wood County Board of Health serves nearly 120,000 residents.

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