“America Needs Unions”  Jerry Springer Joins Working Families in Cleveland on Labor Day for $15 Wages and Union Rights 



CLEVELAND, OH – Healthcare workers, librarians, school district workers, janitors, Head Start workers, security guards, airport workers, home care workers and other hard-working people who are members of SEIU will be joined by Jerry Springer on Labor Day for a march and rally. 

Union members and people in the Fight for $15 movement will march at 8:30am from the InterContinental Hotel (9801 Carnegie Ave) to the front doors of the Cleveland Clinic (9500 Euclid Avenue) for a rally to call on corporations to raise wages and on politicians to rewrite the rules so more working people can join together in unions. 

“If we are to continue to be a great and prosperous country, we need to raise wages for working people and give every worker the opportunity to join a Union,” said Jerry Springer. “We can all wave our American flags at the 7th inning stretch at every ballpark in the country, but the real way Americans can show their patriotism is by fighting for an economy and a government that helps working-class families get ahead.” 

The announcement in Cleveland comes as the SEIU members and working people in the Fight for $15 movement join forces ahead of the upcoming 2017 municipal and 2018 statewide elections for a massive voter engagement drive to push elected leaders to listen to working families, raise wages, and expand the right to form unions. 

“The American Dream is too far out of reach for too many working people in this country and the best thing we can do to save our free enterprise system is make sure that Unions are strong and workers are paid a living wage,” continued Springer.


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